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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 5_1Date: 1995Journal Homepage

The Usefulness and Beauty of Combinational Optimization 3 - 19
Jens Clausen and Jakob Krarup  
AbstractKeywords: Combinatorial optimization, enumeration, heuristics, theoretical challenges
A Note on the Improvement of the Maximum Independent Set's Approximation Ratio 21 - 26
Vangelis Th. Paschos  
AbstractKeywords: Approximation algorithms, analysis of algorithms, combinatorial problems, independent set, computational complexity
The Continuous Projection - Gradient Method of the Fourth Order 27 - 38
Anđelija Nedić  
AbstractKeywords: Projection-gradient method, convexity
On a Construction of Digital Convex $(2S + 1)$-gons of Minimum Diameter 39 - 51
Snežana Matič - Kekić and Dragan M. Acketa  
AbstractKeywords: Digital geometry, digital convex polygon, greedy lower bound
An Algorithm for Finding a Cycle of Fields in a Matrix 53 - 54
Djordje P. Dugošija  
AbstractKeywords: Transportation problem, potential method, combinatorial optimization
A contribution to methods of Exterior Penalty Functions for Nonlinear Programming 55 - 64
Aleksandar Zečević  
AbstractKeywords: Exterior penalty functions, nonlinear programming
An Overview of Some Truth Maintenance Systems 65 - 77
Mladen Stanojević and Dušan Velašević  
AbstractKeywords: Expert systems, hypothetical reasoning, non-monotonic reasoning, time-state reasoning, truth maintenance
Multicriteria Optimum Path Problems 79 - 93
Dimiter Ivanchev and Dimitris Kydros  
AbstractKeywords: Multicriteria optimization, path problems, lexicographical order
Sensitivity Analysis of Network Optimization Problems 95 - 109
Dimiter Ivanchev  
AbstractKeywords: Network design , parametric analysis, k most vital elements, complexity
Economically Optimum Design of Cusum Charts to Control Normal Means 111 - 121
Kun - Jen Chung  
AbstractKeywords: Control charts, Cusum charts, economic design, optimization, process control
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