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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 4_2Date: 1994Journal Homepage

A New Exterior Point Algorithm for Linear Programming Problems 137 - 148
Konstantinos Dosios and Konstantinos Paparrizos  
AbstractKeywords: Simplex method, linear programming, pivoting, exterior point algorithms
A Quasi-Polynomial Algorithm for the Knapsack Problem 149 - 157
Valentin E. Brimkov  
AbstractKeywords: Knapsack, convex criterion, quasi- polynomial algorithm
CLAS - A Formal Aid to Data Elements Identification 159 - 165
Dušan Malbaški and Danilo Obradović  
AbstractKeywords: Data elements. information systems, identification, synthesis of attributes
Markov Chains Connected to the Process of Generation of the Words by a Generative System 167 - 178
Gabriel V. Orman  
AbstractKeywords: Random variable, Markov chains, alternating generation
Modeling of Dissolution of Complex Organizations 179 - 186
Slobodan Krčevinac and Jovan Petrić  
AbstractKeywords: Organization, modeling, valuation, privatization
Optimal Distribution Centers Involving Supply Capacity, Demands and Budget Restriction 187 - 193
C. C. Tsouros and M. Satratzemi  
AbstractKeywords: Transportation, warehouse location, combinatorial optimization
Using Simulation for Shop Floor Control 195 - 203
Semih Önüt, Fuat Güney, Tufan Demirel and Halil Ibrahim Erdem  
AbstractKeywords: Computer integrated manufacturing, shop floor control, simulation, MRP, data collection
Optimum Design of Steel Trusses 205 - 216
Keti Stasa  
AbstractKeywords: Steel trusses, non-linear programming, optimum design
Reliability of Random Number Tables 217 - 222
Nicolas Farmakis  
AbstractKeywords: Test, reliability, random numbers
Testing and Validation of an Expert System for Advising on Spares for Maintenance Purposes 223 - 232
Radivoj Petrović and Dobrila Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Spare parts, expert system, fuzzy rule, testing, validation

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