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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 5_2Date: 1995Journal Homepage

Symetric Duality in Lexicographic Problems of Linear Optimization 164 - 172
I. I. Eremin  
AbstractKeywords: Linear lexicographic problems , Symmetric duality. Pareto optimality
A View of Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming 173 - 193
Vera V. Kovačević - Vujčić  
AbstractKeywords: Linear programming, Interior methods, Computational complexity
A Regularized Continuous Projection-Gradient Method of the Fourth Order 195 - 209
Fedor Pavlovic Vasiljev and Anđelija Nedić  
AbstractKeywords: Continuous projection-gradient method, Regularization, Tichonov function
A Descent-Ascent Technique for Solving the Multi-Source Weber Problem 211 - 219
Nenad Mladenović and Jack Brimberg  
A Discrete Projection Quasi Newton Method for Linearly Constrained Problems 221 - 232
Nada I. Đuranović - Miličić  
AbstractKeywords: Linear inequality-constrained minimization, Discrete quasi-Newton method, Projected gradient, Cholesky factortzation
Representation and Management of Design Information in an Integrated Environment in Architecture 233 - 257
Inhan Kim, Thomas Liebich and Tom Maver  
AbstractKeywords: Product model, Unified data representation. Object-oriented design system, Computer-aided architectural design (CAAD).
Assembly Line Balancing With Smoothed Work Station Assignments 259 - 270
Sotirios G. Dimitradis and Patroklos E. Georgiadis  
AbstractKeywords: Production/scheduling-application, Line balancing, Heuristic
Forecasting Telecommunication Traffic Using the Enhanced Stepwise Projection Multiple Regression Method 271 - 288
Horng-Jinh Chang and Feng-Jenq Lin  
AbstractKeywords: The ESPMR, The base value, Measurement data, Periodical length. Flag
Optimization Algorithms for a Class of Single Machine Scheduling Problems Using Due Date determination Methods 289 - 297
N.I. Karacapilidis and C.P. Pappis  
AbstractKeywords: Optimal sequence, Due date, Constant flow allowance, Slack time, Scheduling

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