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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 6_1Date: 1996Journal Homepage

Tabu Search: A Brief Survey and Some Real-Life Applications 5 - 17
Mirjana M. Čangalović, Vera V. Kovačević - Vujčić, Lav Ivanović, Milan Dražić and Miroslav D. Ašić  
AbstractKeywords: Tabu search, heuristic methods, combinatorial optimization, global optimization
On the Approximative Roots of Maximal Monotone Mappings 19 - 32
L. D. Popov  
AbstractKeywords: Variational inequality, monotone mappings, quasi roots, contradictory systems of quasi equations, improper mathematical programming problems
A Duality Theorem for Infinite Dimensional Improper Mathematical Programming Problems 33 - 39
Anatolly Anatolijevich Vatolin  
AbstractKeywords: Duality, linear programming, improper problems
The Chain-Interchange Heuristic Method 41 - 54
Nenad Mladenović, José A. Moreno and J. Marcos Moreno-Vega  
AbstractKeywords: Heuristics, location, Tabu search, chain interchange
Generalization of a Signature Method to Transportation Problems 55 - 71
Kostas Dosios and Konstantinos Paparizzos  
AbstractKeywords: Dual simplex method, transportation and assignment problems, signatures, strong bases, pivoting, complexity
A Multi-Criteria Multi-Period Scheduling Model of Medical Resources 73 - 83
Sidney C. K. Chu and Mary P. P. Ho  
AbstractKeywords: Scheduling, medical resources , goal programming, average service rate
Preventive Maintenance of Units Subject to Two Kinds of Wear Failure 85 - 100
Č. Duboka, Ž. Aresnijević and J. Todorović  
AbstractKeywords: Preventive maintenance, maintenance optimization, availability, operational readiness, maintenance modeling, motor vehicle brake, wear failure
Analytic Hierarchy Model of the Selection of an Optimal Organization Variant 101 - 112
Vujadin Vešović and Nebojša J. Bojović  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic hierarchy process, organization design, decision making
Iterative Quadratic Classifications in Non-Stationary Pattern Recognition Systems 113 - 120
Milan Ž. Marković, Milan M. Milosavljević and Branko D. Kovačević  
AbstractKeywords: Iterative quadratic classifications, non-stationary pattern recognition systems, robust recursive AR speech analysis
The Active Side Principle Approach to the Design of Client Server Protocol 121 - 127
Miroslav Hajduković, Danilo Obradović and Branko Perišić  
AbstractKeywords: Distributed computer system, client server model, remote procedure call, protocol
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