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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 6_2Date: 1996Journal Homepage

On a World Wide Web-Based Planning Support System 159 - 169
N. I. Karacapilidis, C. P. Pappis and G. I. Adamopulos  
AbstractKeywords: Group decision support systems, world-wide web, planning, argumentation, computer-supported cooperative workMSC: 68M10Zbl: 0942.68004
A Fuzzy Model for Inventory Allocation in a Serial Production/Inventory System 171 - 181
Dobrila Petrović, Rajat Roy and Radivoj Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Production/inventory system, inventory stocks allocation, fuzzy setMSC: 90B05 90B30Zbl: 0885.90036
Part and Machine Partitioning Problem in Cellular Manufacturing: Multiple Machine Environment 183 - 191
S. Sofianopoulou  
AbstractKeywords: Cellular manufacturing, multiple machines, simulated annealingMSC: 90B80Zbl: 0947.90058
Incorporating Fuzzy Logic into Reusable Object Management System 193 - 203
Saša Bošnjak and Zita Bošnjak  
AbstractKeywords: Reusable objects, fuzzy logic, membership functions, R-object retrievalMSC: 90B99Zbl: 0885.90075
Production Planning in Mines Using Fuzzy Linear Programming 205 - 215
Slobodan Vujić and Goran Ćirović  
AbstractKeywords: Mine production systems, uncertainty, fuzzy sets, fuzzy linear programmingMSC: 90C05Zbl: 0947.90068
A Formal, Object-Oriented Approach to the Machine Interference Model 217 - 230
Ion Florea  
AbstractKeywords: Machines interference model, simulation, discrete event system specification, object orientedMSC: 68P99Zbl: 0942.68048
Unified Treatment of Subnetworks in Symbolic Analysis of Linear Electric Circuits and Systems 231 - 244
Dejan V. Tošić, Branimir V. Reljin and Antonije R. Đorđević  
AbstractKeywords: S-parameters, symbolic analysis, SALEC, SPAR
Random Phenomena and Some Systems Generating Words 245 - 256
Gabriel V. Orman  
AbstractKeywords: Markov chain, random variable, transition matrix, alternating generation procedureMSC: 68Q45 60J20Zbl: 0942.68063
Production Process Simulation Model Monitoring Using Computer Animation 257 - 265
Božidar Radenković, Aleksandar Marković and Zoran Radojičić  
AbstractKeywords: Computer simulation, computer animation, production processesMSC: 90B30Zbl: 0947.90037
An Analysis of Some Telecommunication Traffic Models with Different Serving Intensities 267 - 276
Miodrag Makmaz, Slobodan Lazović and Zoran Bojković  
AbstractKeywords: Overflow traffic, circuit switching, alternative routing, serving systemMSC: 90B18Zbl: 1006.90500
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