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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 7_1Date: 1997Journal Homepage

On-Line Waste Management in a Galvanization Plant 1 - 13
Rainer E. Burkard, Ulrich Pferschy and Rüdiger Rudolf  
AbstractKeywords: Waste-water management system, heuristic, simulationMSC: 90B90Zbl: 0949.90660
Conjugacy in Pattern Recognition and Choice Problems 15 - 38
Vl. D. Mazurov  
AbstractKeywords: Conjugacy, duality, choice, diagnostics, interpretation, stability, immersion, pattern recognition
The Continuous Linearization Method of the Fourth Order 39 - 47
Anđelija Nedić, Milojica Jaćimović and Anatoly S. Antipin  
AbstractKeywords: Linearization method, convex programming problemMSC: 90C25 90C52Zbl: 0949.90072
A Note on Fuzzy Groups 49 - 54
Branimir Šešelja and Andreja Tepavčević  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy subgroup, fuzzy subgroupoidMSC: 20N25 20E07Zbl: 0886.20041
On the Short Term Behaviour of Genetic Algorithms 55 - 63
Dorin Bocu  
AbstractKeywords: Population, schema, oriented search spaceMSC: 92D10 92D15 90C99Zbl: 1005.92022
Guarantied Single Disk Access for Very Large Database Files 65 - 77
Dejan Simić, Dušan Starčević and Emil Jovanov  
AbstractKeywords: Algorithms, file structures, B+-trees, perfect hashing, physical design.MSC: 68P20 90B40 68P05Zbl: 0942.68040
Formal Specifications in Software Development: an Overview 79 - 96
Vojislav B. Mišić and Dušan M. Velašević  
AbstractKeywords: Formal specification methods, software specification, formal specification languagesMSC: 68Q60 03B70 68N99Zbl: 0942.68073
Application of the Constrained Edit Distance Algorithm to Search Procedures 97 - 107
Vladimir Jovičić and Zora Konjović  
AbstractKeywords: Noisy subsequence, constrained edit distance algorithm, search proceduresMSC: 68T10 68U15 68P10Zbl: 0942.68114
Simulation Study of Production Process in the Sawmilling Industry 109 - 118
Božidar Radenković, Aleksandar Marković and Miloš Vulović  
AbstractKeywords: Primary sawmilling, power saw, production standard, operation time, simulation, GPSS/FON simulation languageMSC: 90B30Zbl: 0949.90615
Application of Neural Networks to Modal Split Modelling 119 - 132
Jadranka Jović  
AbstractKeywords: Modal split, transportation planning, behavior analysis, neural computing networksMSC: 90B06 92B20Zbl: 0949.90003
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