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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 7_2Date: 1997Journal Homepage

A Semi-Topological Classification of the Line Figures 167 - 190
Miroslav Marjanović, Srđan Stanković and Rajko Tomović  
AbstractKeywords: Line figures , semi-topological classification, character recognitionMSC: 68T10Zbl: 0942.68115
Some New Research Areas and Trends in Today Robotics 191 - 216
Miomir K. Vukobratović  
AbstractKeywords: Connectionists learning, decentralized control, fuzzy logic, hybrid control, contact tasks, dynamic environment, active system.MSC: 70E15 70E99Zbl: 1057.70513
A Regularized Continuous Linearization Method of the Fourth Order 217 - 229
Fedor P. Vasiljev, Anđelija Nedić and Milojica Jaćimović  
AbstractKeywords: Continuous linearization method, regularization, Tichonov functionMSC: 90C25 65K05 90C30Zbl: 0949.90073
Capacity and Maximal Value of the Network Flow with Multiplicative Constraints 231 - 239
Vassil Sgurev and Mariana Nikolova  
AbstractKeywords: Network flow, generalized flow, side constraintsMSC: 90B10Zbl: 0949.90007
Core and Coalition - Power in a Public Good Economy 241 - 246
John Papanastasiou, Nicolas Dritsakis, Kostas Velentzas and Kostas Paparrizos  
AbstractKeywords: Cooperative games, core, coalition, public good economyMSC: 91A12 91B64 91A40Zbl: 0949.91003
Assignment of Distributed Processing Software: A Comparative Study 247 - 255
Stella Sofianopoulou  
AbstractKeywords: Distributed computing systems, process allocation, heuristic algorithmsMSC: 68W10Zbl: 0942.68145
Entropy Model to Simulate Origin-Destination Trip Generation 257 - 266
Savo M. Jovanović  
AbstractKeywords: Transportation, planning, forecastingMSC: 90B06Zbl: 0947.90009
On the Variance, Reliability and Importance of Canonical Variables 267 - 284
Konstantin Momirović  
AbstractKeywords: Canonical analysis, reliability, importanceMSC: 62H20 62H25Zbl: 0941.62070
The Procedure to Determine Microstate Probabilities in a Trunk Group Serving Overflow Traffic 285 - 292
Miodrag Bakmaz and Slobodan Lazović  
AbstractKeywords: Overflow traffic, microstate probability, sequential serving, switchingMSC: 90B20 90B40Zbl: 0949.90017
Gradient Method as a Tool for Mathematical Modeling in Earthquake Engineering 293 - 304
Olivera Jovanović and Dimitar Jurukovski  
AbstractKeywords: gradient method, parametric identification , nonlinear damping, earthquakeMSC: 93B40 93B30Zbl: 0964.93501

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