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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 8_1Date: 1998Journal Homepage

Rounding Strategies for Mixed Integer Programs Arising from Chemical Production Planning 9 - 23
Rainer E. Burkard, Michael Kocher and Rüdiger Rudolf  
AbstractKeywords: Multi-product and multi-facility production planning, scheduling problems, heuristics, rounding strategiesMSC: 90C11 90C59 90B30 90B35Zbl: 1009.90075
About Some Problems of Disjunctive Programming 25 - 43
Ivan I. Eremin  
AbstractKeywords: Piecewise linear functions, algebra or transformations, saddle point and duality theoremsMSC: 90C08 90C46Zbl: 1006.90055
New Embeddings for Nonlinear Multiobjective Optimization Problem 45 - 73
Jürgen Guddat, Francisco Guerra and Dieter Nowack  
AbstractKeywords: Multiobjective optimization, non-degenerate critical points, singularities, pathfollowing methodsMSC: 90C29 90C31Zbl: 0947.90101
A General Numerical Approach to Sensitivity Analysis and Error Analysis with Adjoint Systems 75 - 92
Masao Iri and Koichi Kubota  
AbstractKeywords: System analysis, adjoint system, sensitivity, error analysis, automatic differentiationMSC: 65D25Zbl: 0946.65012
Simulation Software Selection "Whys and Hows" 93 - 102
Jalal Nikoukaran and Ray J. Paul  
AbstractKeywords: Simulation software, software evaluation, software selectionMSC: 68U20 68N99Zbl: 0943.68179
New Methods for Combining Forecasts 103 - 109
Sotiris N.Pantazopoulos and Costas P. Pappis  
AbstractKeywords: Forecasting, combination of forecastMSC: 91B84 62P20 90C05 90B99Zbl: 0949.91028
Pseudo-Delta Functions and Sequences in the Optimization Theory 111 - 128
Endre Pap and Nenad Teofanov  
AbstractKeywords: Pseudo-addition, pseudo-multiplication, decomposable measure, pseudo-integral, pseudo-convolution, pseudo-delta sequenceMSC: 28E10Zbl: 0946.28014
A Note on Spanning Trees for Network Location Problems 129 - 135
Dionisio Pérez-Brito, Nenad Mladenović and José A. Moreno-Pérez  
AbstractKeywords: Location, network, spanning trees, heuristicMSC: 90B80 90C35 90C59Zbl: 0951.90032
A Survey of the m-M Calculus 137 - 168
Slaviša B. Prešić  
AbstractKeywords: The idea of m-M calculus are related to some technique used in global optimization [2, 3, 4] and interval mathematics [5], but the theory of m-M calculus has much wider range of application.MSC: 90C30 65-02 03B10Zbl: 1053.90531
Soft Decision Decoding of Binary Linear Block Codes Using the Bfgs-Method 169 - 175
Klaus Ritter, Stefan Schaffler and Thomas F. Sturm  
AbstractKeywords: Digital communications, soft decision decoding, binary block codes, nonlinear regression, unconstrained optimization, BFGS-methodMSC: 90C90 94B35Zbl: 1006.90095

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