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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 8_2Date: 1998Journal Homepage

An Interval Arithmetic Algorithm for Multivariate Constrained Global Optimization Using Cord-Slope Forms of Taylor's Expansion 189 - 202
Pierre Hansen, Brigitte Jaumard and Junjie Xiong  
AbstractKeywords: Global optimization, interval arithmetic, Taylor expansion, cord-slope formMSC: 65K05 90C30 65G30Zbl: 0948.65060
Multicriteria Decision Making by Fuzzy Integrals - Fuzzy Measures Determination 203 - 213
Predrag Đurđević, Davor Radenović and Dragan Radojević  
AbstractKeywords: Multicriteria decision making, fuzzy integral, fuzzy measureMSC: 91B06 28E10Zbl: 0947.91022
Estimation of Fish Population Size by Single Marking and Recapture Method 215 - 224
Umit Demir and Mustafa Akar  
AbstractKeywords: Capture. recapture, fish population sizeMSC: 62P10Zbl: 1006.62094
A Periodic Loading Policy for A Flexible Transfer Line: Development And Simulation Assessment 225 - 234
Z Doulgeri and E Kehris  
AbstractKeywords: Flexible transfer line, system productivity, simulationMSC: 90B30 62P30Zbl: 1006.90030
Atypical Employment Increasing The Flexibility Of An Organization. A Study Of Greek Manufacturing And Services 235 - 246
Irini Voudouris  
AbstractKeywords: Flexible employment, functional flexibility, numerical flexibility, internal and external flexibilityMSC: 62P20 90B70 91B82Zbl: 1006.62095
Equivalents Of The Variational Principle In Fuzzy And Probabilistic Metric Spaces 247 - 255
Mila Stojaković and Ljiljana Gajić  
AbstractKeywords: Variational principle, fuzzy metric space, Menger space, fixed point.MSC: 54E70 54A40 49J40 54H25Zbl: 0946.54023
The Determination of Timing and Technology Level of an Abatement Investment 257 - 271
Miao-Sheng Chen and Chung-Chiang Chen  
AbstractKeywords: Abatement, emission standard, technology levelMSC: 91B28 91B76Zbl: 1007.91512
A Reconstruction of Digital Parabolas from Their Least Squares Fit Representation 273 - 287
Nataša Sladoje and Joviša Žunić  
AbstractKeywords: Image processing. pattern analysis, digital shapes.MSC: 68T10Zbl: 1009.68137
An Approximate Method for Optimization of a Network Flow With Inverse Linear Constraints 289 - 313
Vassil Sgurev and Atanas T. Atanassov  
AbstractKeywords: Network flow, inverse linear constraints, approximate optimizationMSC: 90B10 05C90Zbl: 0947.90015
Analysis of a Two-Level Queuing Production System With Finite Dedicated Buffers 315 - 321
George Tsiotras  
AbstractKeywords: Queuing networks, finite buffers, blocking, production systems.MSC: 90B22 90B30 60K25Zbl: 1006.90020
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