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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 9_1Date: 1999Journal Homepage

Decision Theory Based on Non-Additive Measures 3 - 15
Endre Pap and Marica Kapor  
AbstractKeywords: Decision making problem , Choquet integral, aggregation operator, essential attributesMSC: 28E10 03E72 62C05Zbl: 1009.28015
Stochastic Behaviour of a Robot-Safety Device System 17 - 26
E. J. Vanderperre, S. Vannakrairojn and S.S. Makhanov  
AbstractKeywords: Robot, safety device. invariant measure, availability . risk-criterion.MSC: 93C85 62N05 60K05 70B15 90B25Zbl: 0953.93054
Maximum Entropy and Utility in a Transportation System 27 - 34
S. K. Mazumder and N. C. Das  
AbstractKeywords: Maximum entropy, utility, trip distribution, transportation system, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac entropiesMSC: 90B06 94A17 91B16Zbl: 1006.90011
Simultaneous Determination of Economic Production Quantity and Economic Control Chart Design Under Truncated Weibull Shock Models 35 - 43
M.A. Rahim  
AbstractKeywords: Economic production quantity, inspection schedule, control chart design, Weibull shock models.MSC: 91B70 90B30Zbl: 1007.91531
An Integrated Planning of Production and Distribution for Multiple Suppliers 45 - 58
Wei—Tzen Yang and Li-Chuan Chu  
AbstractKeywords: Vehicle routing, production, inventory, distribution.MSC: 90B05 90B30Zbl: 0997.90001
Analyses of the Operational Performance of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services in Hong Kong 59 - 73
Sydney C.K. Chu, Mary P.P. Ho and Kary K.Y. Lee  
AbstractKeywords: Maternal and Child Health Service, cluster analysis, performance indicator.MSC: 90B90Zbl: 0997.90536
Classification of Objects Based on Case-Based Reasoning 75 - 95
Sanja Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Classification of objects, case-based reasoning, multicriteria analysis, Selection of a multicriteria method.MSC: 90B50Zbl: 1006.90504
PC-PARIS - An Interactive Software System for Statistical Pattern Recognition 97 - 111
Milan M. Milosavljević and Milan Ž. Marković  
AbstractKeywords: Pattern recognition, interactive software system, classifiers, clustering, Bayes error.
Second Order Optimization Methods in Lisp 113 - 127
Predrag Stanimirović and Svetozar Rančić  
AbstractKeywords: Nonlinear programming, Newton's methods, variable metric methods, LISP.
Communication Models: An Educational Framework for Parallel Programming 129 - 139
Miroslav Hajduković, Branko Perisić and Danilo Obradović  
AbstractKeywords: Parallel programming, parallel computers.MSC: 68M10 68W15Zbl: 1009.68006
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