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Front Page Zbornik RadovaPublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0351-9406Issue: 20(28)Date: 2022

Preface 5 - 6
Dragan S. Djordjević  
A Survey on $2\times2$ Operator Matrices and Their Applications 7 - 81
Dragan S. Djordjević, Milica Z. KolundžIja, Sonja Radosavljević and Dijana Mosić  
AbstractKeywords: $2\times2$ operator matrices; invertibility; Fredholm; generalized invertibility; projections; spectraMSC: 47-02
Various Types of the Reverse Order Laws for the Group Inverses in Rings 83 - 112
Dijana Mosić  
AbstractKeywords: generalized inverse; group inverse; reverse order lawMSC: 16B99; 15A09; 16W10
An Introduction into Fredholm Theory and Generalized Drazin-Riesz Invertible Operators 113 - 198
Snežana Č. Živković-Zlatanović  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; semi-Fredholm operators; semi-Browder operators; Riesz operators; Kato operators; semi-Weyl operators; approximate point (surjective) spectrum; essential spectraMSC: NN-02; 47A53; 47A10
A Note on Matrix Transformationsnd some Classes of Operators 199 - 216
Ivana Djolović  
AbstractKeywords: sequence spaces; $BK$ spaces; matrix transformations; bounded and compact linear operators; doubly stochastic matrix and operatorMSC: 46B45; 47B37
Survey on Reverse Order Laws for the Moore-Penrose Inverse of Hilbert Space Operators 217 - 280
Nebojša Č. Dinčić and Dragan S. Djordjević  
AbstractKeywords: Moore-Penrose inverse; weighted Moore-Penrose inverse; reverse order law; ternary power; Borel functional calculusMSC: 47-02; 15A09; 47A56; 47A60; 47B15
Review of Partial Orders in Rings Defined by Generalized Inverses 281 - 325
Dragan S. Rakić and Dragan S. Djordjević  
AbstractKeywords: matrix partial orders; generalized inverses; ring; Von Neumann regular ring; minus partial order; star partial order; sharp partial order; core partial order; G-based order relation; Moore--Pen\-rose inverse; group inverse; core inverseMSC: NN-02; 06A06; 15A09; 16U90
Survey on Star Partial Order in Indefinite Inner Product Spaces 327 - 342
Ivana Stanišev  
AbstractKeywords: partial order; star partial order; indefinite inner product spaces; H-adjoint matrix; Moore-Penrose inverseMSC: 47-02; 06A06; 15A09; 46C20
A Survey of Weak Majorization Relations on $\boldsymbol{{\ell^1(I)}^+}$ and Their Linear Preservers 343 - 394
Martin Z. Ljubenović and Dragan S. Djordjević  
AbstractKeywords: weak majorization; submajorization; weak supermajorization; linear preserver; stochastic operators; permutation and partial permutationMSC: NN-02; 47B60; 15B51; 60E15; 15A86; 39B62; 47B38
The Equation $\boldsymbol{AX-XB=C}$ Without a Unique Solution: the Ambiguity Which Benefits Applications 395 - 442
Bogdan D. Djordjević  
AbstractKeywords: Sylvester equations; Lyapunov equations; matrix analysis; spectral theory; Fredholm theory; operator algebrasMSC: 47-02; 47A62; 47A53; 47A60; 47L30; 46G05
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