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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 16_1Date: 2014MathArt and e-Books

Ljijana Radović  
Extreme Values of Function in GeoGebra Style  
Valentina Kostić and Tanja Sekulić  
AbstractKeywords: extreme values of function, GeoGebra, cognitive-visual approach.MSC: 97U30 97D40 97U50
Axial reflection and plane mirror reflection in analytic geometry  
Zorica Marinković and Biljana Stojičić  
AbstractKeywords: axial reflection, plane mirrors, mirror curvesMSC: 97M10
Fractal structures in architectural high school  
Milena Jeretin, Jasmina Manojlović and Milena Marić  
AbstractKeywords: teaching mathematics, subject of arts, computer applcation.MSC: 97U30 97D40 97D80
Sierpinski triangle and pyramid  
Katarina Ivanović  
AbstractKeywords: fractals, models, Sierpinski triangle, Sierpinski pyramidMSC: 97U30 97A80
Adventures of one triangle  
Biljana Stojičić and Zorica Marinković  
AbstractKeywords: isometric transformations, kaleidoscope, learningMSC: 97D40
Platoground – game that connect teaching mathematics and physical education  
Tatjana Stanković, Ljiljana Đuretanović and Nada Ranković  
AbstractKeywords: teaching, math games, Plato solidsMSC: 97A20 97C70 97D40
Mathematical Workshops, Learning and Popularization of Mathematics  
Tanja Sekulić and Valentina Kostić  
AbstractKeywords: mathematical workshop, teaching methods, teaching processMSC: 97U30 97A80
Visualization of mathematics in practice  
Mirjana Rašić Mitić  
AbstractKeywords: Visualization, educational toolkits, mathematicsMSC: 97U30
Celtic Knots and Greatest Common Divisor  
Dejana Vojinović  
AbstractKeywords: divisibility, great common divisor, mirror curvesMSC: 97U30 97D80 97D40
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