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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 15_2Date: 2013MathArt and e-Books

Global properties of the rational difference equations $x_{n+1}=\frac{\alpha x_n+\gamma y_n}{A x_n+C y_n}$ and $y_{n+1}=\frac{\beta x_n+\delta y_n}{Bx_n+Dy_n}$ in exception handling  
Elisabeth S and Jothilakshmi R  
AbstractKeywords: Rational difference equations, Convergence, Exceptions, boundary conditionsMSC: 39A10 39A11
The Mathematics of Harmony: Clarifying the Origins and Development of Mathematics  
A. P. Stakhov  
AbstractKeywords: golden mean, Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, Binet formulas, Gazale formulas, hyperbolic Fibonacci and Lucas functions, Fibonacci matrices, Bergman's number system, Fibonacci codes, Fibonacci computers, ternary mirror, symmetrical arithmetic, a coding theory based on Fibonacci matrices, "golden" cryptography, mathematics of harmonyMSC: 20H15
The m x n Series  
Charles West  
MSC: 20H15

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