Global properties of the rational di erence equations $x_{n+1}=\frac{\alpha x_n+\gamma y_n}{A x_n+C y_n}$ and $y_{n+1}=\frac{\beta x_n+\delta y_n}{Bx_n+Dy_n}$ in exception handling

Elisabeth S, Jothilakshmi R

We present some results for convergence properties of a system of non linear rational di erence equations subject to multi -point exception handling. The con- vergence of solution to this equation is investigated by introducing an exception handling techniques. We also prove the convergence properties and boundedness concepts for a more general class of rational di erence equation. The obtained results are applied to the analysis of exception handling techniques which is associ- ated with error identi cation and noise reduction in non linear lters like Extended Kalman Filter associated with non linear di erence equations. Finally some numer- ical examples are showed for exception handling techniques and the same is draw it by MATLAB.