Extreme Values of Function in GeoGebra Style

Valentina Kostić, Tanja Sekulić

The process of student transitioning from elementary to advanced mathematical thinking in learning of calculus is followed by many difficulties. The role of the teacher is very important in planning, designing and applying adequate methodic solutions by which smooth transitions from lower to higher levels of abstraction, and mathematical thinking, are secured. Methodic solution wich can be efficient in teaching and learning calculus, is visualization, and animation of the basic terms, and processes in combination with symbolic records and definitions. By applying according computer programs, the teacher can realize the teaching process in visual environment. Educational software can link visual and symbolic representations of mathematical objects in dynamic, and interactive environment. This paper presents the possibility of didactic shaping of calculus material using GeoGebra. In dynamic worksheets algebraic and geometric interpretations of concepts of local extreme values of the functions, are connected.