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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 110 (124)Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Biproducts in Monoidal Categories 1 - 9
Mladen Zekić  
AbstractKeywords: coproduct; product; zero object; dual object; infinite biproductsMSC: 18M05 18A30DOI:
A theory of variations via $P$-statistical convergence 11 - 27
Kamil Demirci, Dragan Djurčić, Ljubiša Kočinac and Sevda Yildiz  
AbstractKeywords: power series method; statistical convergence; regularly varying; $\mathcal O$-regularly varying; rapidly varyingMSC: 40A35; 26A12; 40A05DOI:
Linear Combinations Of Polynomials With Three-Term Recurrence 29 - 40
Khang Tran and Maverick Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: zero distribution; recurrence; generating functionMSC: 30C15; 26C10DOI:
A Relation Between Porosity Convergence and Pretangent Spaces 41 - 46
Maya Altınok and Mehmet Küçükaslan  
AbstractKeywords: porosity; convergence; pretangent spacesMSC: 40A05DOI:
On Graded $I_e$-prime Submodules of Graded Modules Over Graded Commutative Rings 47 - 55
Shatha Alghueiri and Khaldoun Al-Zoubi  
AbstractKeywords: graded $I_e$-prime submodules; graded prime submodules; graded $I_e$-prime idealsMSC: 13A02; 16W50LDOI:
Generalizations of Some Zygmund-type Integral Inequalities for Polar Derivatives of a Complex Polynomial 57 - 69
Abdullah Mir  
AbstractKeywords: complex polynomial; polar derivative; Zygmund-inequalityMSC: 30A10; 30C10; 30D15DOI:
Weighted Generalization of Some Inequalities for Double Integrals 71 - 79
Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya and Hüseyin Budak  
AbstractMSC: 26D07; 26D10; 26D15 26B15; 26B25DOI:
Certain subclass of $p$-valent functions associated with Bessel functions 81 - 89
H. E. Darwish, A. Y. Lashin, R. M. El-Ashwah and E. M. Madar  
AbstractKeywords: p-valent of analytic functions; subordination; Hadamard product (or convolution); Bessel functionsMSC: 30C45DOI:
On a Type of Quarter-Symmetric Non-Recurrent Metric Connection On a P-Sasakian Manifold 91 - 102
Ajit Barman  
AbstractKeywords: Para-Sasakian manifold; quarter-symmetric non-recurrent metric connection; concircular curvature tensor; $\xi$-concircularly flat; $\phi$-concircularly flat; $\eta$-Einstein manifoldMSC: 53C15; 53C25DOI:
On 2-microlocal Morrey type Besov and Triebel--Lizorkin spaces with variable exponents 103 - 120
Chenglong Fang  
AbstractKeywords: 2-microlocal; Morrey type Besov spaces; Morrey type Triebel-Lizorkin spaces; Peetre's maximal operator; wavelet; variable exponentMSC: 42B35; 42C40; 46E30DOI:
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