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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 109 (123)Date: 2021Journal Homepage

The Space of Operator Valued Functions Seen as Hilbert $H^*$-Module 1 - 8
Zlatko Lazović  
AbstractKeywords: $H^*$-algebra; Hilbert $H^*$-module; Schatten idealsMSC: 46H25; 46E40 47B10DOI:
Integer points enumerator of hypergraphic polytopes 9 - 16
Marko Pešović  
AbstractKeywords: quasisymmetric function; hypergraph; hypergraphic polytope; combinatorial Hopf algebraMSC: 05C65; 16T05; 52B11DOI:
Reduction of Automata in Labyrinths and Universal Traps 17 - 34
Goran Kilibarda  
AbstractKeywords: automaton; labyrinth; the behavior of automata in labyrinthsMSC: 68Q99DOI:
On Strongly Regular Graphs With $M_2=Qm_3$ and $M_3=Qm_2$ Where $q\in\mathbb Q$ 35 - 60
Mirko Lepović  
AbstractKeywords: strongly regular graph; conference graph; integral graphMSC: 05C50DOI:
A New Test For Convergence Of Positive Series 61 - 76
Vyacheslav Abramov, Meitner Cadena and Edward Omey  
AbstractKeywords: positive series; Karamata's theorem; regular variation; convergence/divergence test; partial order; rate of convergenceMSC: 40A05; 26A12DOI:
On a Conjecture of Seneta on Regular Variation of Truncated Moments 77 - 82
Péter Kevei  
AbstractKeywords: regular variation; de Haan class; truncated moments; relative stabilityMSC: 26A12; 60E05DOI:
Hyers--Ulam and Hyers--Ulam--Rassias Stability of First-Order Linear Dynamic Equations 83 - 93
Maryam A. Alghamdi, Alaa Aljehani, Martin Bohner and Alaa E. Hamza  
AbstractKeywords: time scales; first-order linear dynamic equations; Hyers--Ulam stability; Hyers--Ulam--Rassias stabilityMSC: 34N05 34D20; 39A30DOI:
On starlike functions associated with cardioid domain 95 - 107
Saira Zainab, Mohsan Raza, Janusz Sokół and Sarfraz Nawaz Malik  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; shell-like curve; starlike functions; Fibonacci numbers; cardioid domainMSC: 30C45 30C80DOI:
On Estimates of Deviation of Conjugate Functions From Matrix Operators of Their Fourier Series by Some Expressions With $R$-differences of the Entries 109 - 123
Włodzimierz Łenski and Bogdan Szal  
AbstractKeywords: rate of approximation; summability of Fourier seriesMSC: 42A24DOI:
Construction of Metrics on the Set of Elliptic Curves Over a Finite Field 125 - 141
Keisuke Hakuta  
AbstractKeywords: elliptic curves; isomorphism; metricMSC: 14H52 11G20;11T71; 14G50; 94A60DOI:
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