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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 49_1Date: 2019Journal Homepage

Almost Ricci soliton and gradient almost ricci soliton on 3-dimensional normal almost contact metric manifolds 1 - 11
Sujit Ghosh  
AbstractKeywords: normal almost contact metric manifold; Ricci soliton; gradient Ricci soliton; almost Ricci soliton; gradient almost Ricci soliton; $\eta $-Einstein manifoldMSC: 53C15; 53C25DOI:
On characterization of minimal $k$-bi-ideals in $k$-regular and completely $k$-regular semirings 13 - 22
Kalyan Hansda and Tapas Kumar Mondal  
AbstractKeywords: $k$-regular semiring; completely $k$-regular semiring; $k$-bi-ideal; $k$-idempotent; $k$-bi-simple semiringMSC: 16Y60DOI:
A note on computing Bayesian tolerance intervals in exponential distribution based on $k$-record values 23 - 31
S.M.T.K. MirMostafaee and M. Naghizadeh Qomi  
AbstractKeywords: $k$-record data; Bayesian tolerance intervalMSC: 62F15; 62F25DOI:
Second multiplication modules 33 - 40
H. Ansari-Toroghy and F. Farshadifar  
AbstractKeywords: second submodule; second multiplication moduleMSC: 13C13; 13C99DOI:
Sufficient conditions for periodicity of meromorphic function and its shift operator sharing one or more sets with finite weight 41 - 65
Abhijit Banerjee and Goutam Haldar  
AbstractKeywords: meromorphic function; shared sets; shift operator; weighted sharingMSC: 30D35DOI:
The generalized bi-periodic Fibonacci quaternions and octonions 67 - 79
Murat Sahin, Elif Tan and Semih Yilmaz  
AbstractKeywords: quaternions; octonions; Fibonacci sequence; bi-periodic Fibonacci sequenceMSC: 11B39; 05A15DOI:
One class of special polynomials and special functions in $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ space 81 - 90
Nebojša Đurić and Snježana Maksimović  
AbstractKeywords: Hardy space; basis of the $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ space; special functions; special polynomialsMSC: 42C05; 30H10DOI:
New forms of strong weakly $\mu$-compact in terms of hereditary classes 91 - 100
Fahad Alsharari, Takashi Noiri and Abdo Qahis  
AbstractKeywords: generalized topology; hereditary class; weakly $\mu\mathcal{H}$-compact; weakly $\mathcal{S}\mu\mathcal{H}$-compact; weakly $\mathbf{S}-\mathcal{S}\mu\mathcal{H}$-compact; $(\mu; \nu)$-continuity; $\theta(\mu; \nu)$-continuityMSC: 54A05; 54A08; 54D10DOI:
$C-$class functions on some fixed point results in ordered partial metric spaces via admissible mappings 101 - 116
Arslan Hojat Ansari, Tatjana Došenović, Stojan Radenović, Naeem Saleem, Vesna Šešum-Čavić and Jelena Vujaković  
AbstractKeywords: partial metric spaces; fixed point; $C-$class function; $\gamma-$admissible mapping; $\mu-$subadmissible mappingMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
An iterative method for solution of finite families of split minimization problems and fixed point problems 117 - 136
Hammed Anuoluwapo Abass, Chinedu Izuchukwu, Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo and Ferdinard Udochukwu Ogbuisi  
AbstractKeywords: split minimization problem; nonexpansive mapping; Proximal iterative algorithm; Hilbert spacesMSC: 47H09; 47H10DOI:
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