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On Hermite--Hadamard type inequalities for the product of two convex mappings defined on topological groups 127 - 138
Muhammad Amer Latif, Sever Silvestru Dragomir and Ebrahim Momoniat  
AbstractKeywords: convex functions; Hermite--Hadamard inequality; midconvex function; quasi-midconvex function; topological groupsMSC: 26A51; 22A10 26D07; 26D15DOI:
Generalizations of Rad-supplemented modules 139 - 148
Engin Kaynar, Ergül Türkmen and Yıldız Aydın  
AbstractKeywords: preradical; Jacobson radical; rad-supplement; $\tau$-supplementMSC: 16D10 16N80DOI:
The number of solutions to $y^2=px(Ax^2+2)$ 149 - 156
Tarek Garici, Omar Kihel and Jesse Larone  
AbstractKeywords: Diophantine equations; Legendre symbol; integral points on elliptic curvesMSC: 11D25 11B39DOI:
A new approach to space fractional differential equations based on fractional order Euler polynomials 157 - 168
Krishnaveni Krishnarajulu, Raja Balachandar Sevugan and Venkatesh Sivaramakrishnan Gopalakrishnan  
AbstractKeywords: fractional Euler polynomials; Caputo derivative; numerical approximation; space fractional differential equationMSC: 49K20;26A33;34A08;35R11DOI:
Certain curvature conditions on Kenmotsu manifolds admitting a quarter-symmetric metric connection 169 - 181
Peibiao Zhao, Uday Chand De, Krishanu Mandal and Yanling Han  
AbstractKeywords: quarter-symmetric metric connection; Kenmotsu manifold; Ricci semisymmetric manifold; $\xi$-concircularly flat manifold; $\xi$-conformally flat manifold; $\xi$-projectively flat manifold; Pseudo Ricci-symmetric manifoldMSC: 53C05 53D15DOI:
Remarks on Neighborhood star-Menger Spaces 183 - 191
Yan-Kui Song  
AbstractKeywords: selection principles; (strongly) star-Menger; neighborhood star-MengerMSC: 54D20; 54D30DOI:
Some considerations about Hyers--Ulam stability of the intermediary point arising from the mean value theorems 193 - 208
Monea Mihai  
AbstractKeywords: Hyers-Ulam stability; mean value theorems; contonuous function; differentiable functionMSC: 39B82; 26A24; 28A25DOI:
Weak $P_G$-property and best proximity points 209 - 216
Muhammad Usman Ali and Tayyab Kamran  
AbstractKeywords: weak $P_G$-property; best proximity pointMSC: 47H10; 41A50DOI:
On classes of harmonic functions of Carleman type 217 - 222
Elmostafa Bendib  
AbstractKeywords: approximations; analytic functions; Carleman classes; harmonic functionsMSC: 30B10; 26E10; 30E10DOI:
Functions of generalized bounded variation and its multiple Fourier coefficients 223 - 229
Kiran N. Darji and Rajendra G. Vyas  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; functions of generalized bounded variation; order of magnitude of multiple Fourier coefficientsMSC: 42B05; 26A45; 46B99; 26D15DOI:
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