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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 104 (118)Date: 2018Journal Homepage

Alexander $r$-tuples and Bier complexes 1 - 22
Duško Jojić, Ilya Nekrasov, Gaiane Panina and Rade Živaljević  
AbstractKeywords: Bier spheres; Alexander duality; chessboard complexes; unavoidable complexes; discrete Morse theoryMSC: 05E45; 05D15; 52A35; 55M05DOI:
Asymptotically almost periodic solutions of fractional relaxation inclusions with Caputo derivatives 23 - 41
Marko Kostić  
AbstractKeywords: fractional relaxation inclusions; Caputo fractional derivatives; asymptotical almost periodicity; Stepanov asymptotical almost periodicity; multivalued linear operatorsMSC: 34A60; 47D06; 47D03; 47D60; 47D99DOI:{18}{18}023K
On the structure of random hypergraphs 43 - 51
Boriša Kuzeljević  
AbstractKeywords: Fraïssé theory; $k$-uniform hypergraph; maximal chain; isomorphic substructure; ultrahomogeneous structure; positive familyMSC: 03C15; 05C65; 03C50; 06A05DOI:
The Cosine Series And Regular Variation In The Karamata And Zygmund Senses 53 - 67
Ranko Bojanić and Eugene Seneta  
AbstractKeywords: cosine series; monotone coefficients; slowly varying functions; regularly varying sequences; spectral density functionMSC: 26A12 42A32; 60G10; 60G12DOI:
Approximations in Bivariate Renewal Theory 69 - 88
Edward Omey, Kosto Mitov and Rein Vesilo  
AbstractKeywords: bivariate renewal process; renewal function; approximation; regular variation; equilibrium distribution; asymptotic distributionMSC: 60K05; 60G50; 62E20; 26A12DOI:
Algebraic distances in various algebraic cone metric spaces 89 - 99
Kamal Fallahi, Ghasem Soleimani Rad and Stojan Radenović  
AbstractKeywords: algebraic cone metric space; algebraic distance; algebraic $w$-cone distance; algebraic cone $b$-metric space; algebraic $b$-distance; algebraic $W$-$b$-cone distanceMSC: 46A19;47L07;47H10;46B99DOI:
Remarks on the spark of a matrix and the null space property 101 - 106
Marcin Skrzyński  
AbstractKeywords: spark of a matrix; null space propertyMSC: 15A03 15A60DOI:
The module multiplier embedding problem 107 - 113
Ana Lucía Barrenechea and Carlos César Peña  
AbstractKeywords: module multipliers; tensor products of Banach modules over a Banach algebra; restricted and induced representationsMSC: 46H25 46H15DOI:
Some remarks on Bazilevič and strongly starlike functions 115 - 120
Mamoru Nunokawa and Janusz Sokół  
AbstractKeywords: Bazilevič function; close-to-convex functions; convex functions; starlike functions; strongly starlike functionsMSC: 30C45; 30C80DOI:
The Geodesic Completeness of Compact Lorentzian Manifolds Admitting a Timelike Killing Vector Field Revisited: Two New Proofs 121 - 125
Daniel de la Fuente  
AbstractKeywords: geodesic completeness; compact Lorentzian manifold; timelike Killing vector fieldMSC: 53C50; 53C22DOI:
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