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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 42_1Date: 2018Journal Homepage

A Representation for Derangement Numbers in Terms of a Tridiagonal Determinant 7 - 14
Feng Qi, Jing-Lin Wang and Bai-Ni Guo  
AbstractKeywords: Derangement number; determinantal representation; tridiagonal determinant; generating function; identity; recurrence formulaMSC: 11B83 05A05; 05A10; 05A15; 11B37; 11B65; 11C20; 15A15
New Inequalities on Hermite-Hadamard Utilizing Fractional Integrals 15 - 27
Shahid Qaisar, Muhammad Iqbal, Sabir Hussain, Saad I. Butt and Muhammad A. Meraj  
AbstractKeywords: Hermite-Hadamard's inequality; Riemann-Liouville fractional integration; convex functions; power-mean inequalityMSC: 26D07; 26D10 26A15; 26A51
Steiner Harary Index 29 - 39
Yaping Mao  
AbstractKeywords: Distance; Steiner distance; Harary index; Steiner Harary $k$-indexMSC: 05C12 05C05; 05C35
On Gamma-Rings with $(\sigma,\tau)$-Skew-Commuting and $(\sigma,\tau)$-Skew-Centralizing Mappings 41 - 50
Kalyan Kumar Dey, Akhil Chandra Paul and Bijan Davvaz  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-ring; $(\sigma ;\tau )$-skew-commuting mappings; $(\sigma;\tau)$-skew-centralizing mappings; $(\sigma;\tau)$-commuting mappingsMSC: 16W20 16Y99
A Notion of $\alpha\beta$-statistical Convergence of Order $\gamma$ in Probability 51 - 67
Pratulananda Das, Sumit Som, Sanjoy Ghosal and Vatan Karakaya  
AbstractKeywords: $\alpha\beta$-statistical convergence; $\alpha \beta$-statistical convergence of order $\gamma$ in probability; $\alpha\beta$-strong $p$-Cesàro summability of order $\gamma$ in probability; $\alpha\beta$-statistical convergence of order $\gamma$ in $r^\textth$ expectation; $\alpha\beta$-statistical convergence of order $\gamma$ in distributionMSC: 40A35 40G15; 60B10
Periodic Solutions for Impulsive Neutral Dynamic Equations with Infinite Delay on Time Scales 69 - 82
A. Ardjouni and A. Djoudi  
AbstractKeywords: Periodic solutions; neutral dynamic equations; impulses; Krasnoselskii fixed point; infinite delay; time scalesMSC: 34N05; 34K13 34K40; 34K45
New Subclass of Multivalent Hypergeometric Meromorphic Functions 83 - 95
M. Albehbah and M. Darus  
AbstractKeywords: $p$-valent hypergeometric functions; meromorphic functions; starlike functions; convex functions; Hadamard productMSC: 30C45 33C20; 30C85
Extremal Values of Merrifield-Simmons Index for Trees with Two Branching Vertices 97 - 106
Roberto Cruz, Carlos Alberto Marin and Juan Rada  
AbstractKeywords: Merrifield-Simmons index; trees; branching verticesMSC: 05C69; 05C35 05C05
Application of Symmetric Bilateral Bailey Transformation 107 - 129
Maheshwar Pathak and Pankaj Srivastava  
AbstractKeywords: Basic hypergeometric series; Bilateral basic hypergeometric series; Symmetric bilateral Bailey transformationMSC: 33D15 33D70
Some Refinements of Certain Gamidov Integral Inequalities on Time Scales and Applications 131 - 152
K. Boukerrioua, I. Meziri and T. Chiheb  
AbstractKeywords: Dynamic equations; time scale; Gamidov integral inequalityMSC: 26D15 26D20; 39A12

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