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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 41_2Date: 2017Journal Homepage

Positive Solutions for a Second-Order Difference Equation with Summation Boundary Conditions 167 - 178
F. Bouchelaghem, A. Ardjouni and A. Djoudi  
AbstractKeywords: Positive solutions; Krasnoselskii's fixed point theorem; difference equations; three-point summation boundary value problems; conesMSC: 39A05 39A10; 39A12
Super Mean Labeling of Some Subdivision Graphs 179 - 201
R. Vasuki, P. Sugirtha and J. Venkateswari  
AbstractKeywords: Super mean graph; super mean labelingMSC: 05C78
2-Toroids and their 3-Triangulation 203 - 217
Milica Stojanovic  
AbstractKeywords: triangulation of polyhedra; toroids; piecewise convex polyhedraMSC: 52C17 52B05; 05C62
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph Structures 219 - 237
Muhammad Akram and Rabia Akmal  
AbstractKeywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy graph structure (IFGS); strong IFGS; Intuitionistic fuzzy $B_i$-cycles; Intuitionistic fuzzy $B_i$-trees; $\phi$-complement of an IFGSMSC: 05C72; 68R10 03E72; 05C78
Classification of Torqued Vector Fields and its Applications to Ricci Solitons 239 - 250
Bang-Yen Chen  
AbstractKeywords: Torqued vector field; twisted product; concircular vector field; Ricci soliton; almost quasi-Einstein manifoldMSC: 53C255 53B20
Solution of A Partial Differential Equation Related to the Operator $\oplus_B^k$ 251 - 258
S. Bupasiri  
AbstractKeywords: Bessel diamond operator; O-plus operator; Dirac-delta distributionMSC: 46F10 46F20
Curvature Properties of Some 4-Dimensional Semi-Riemannian Metrics 259 - 278
A. A. Shaikh and Y. Matsuyama  
AbstractKeywords: Recurrent; pseudosymmetric; Ricci generalized pseudosymmetric manifold; Weyl conformal curvature tensor; projective tensor; conharmonic tensor; concircular tensor; pseudosymmetric type conditionMSC: 53B20 53C15; 53C25; 53C35
Sharp Inequalities Involving the Ricci Curvature for Riemannian Submersions 279 - 293
M. Gülbahar, S. Eken Meric and E. Kilic  
AbstractKeywords: Riemannian manifold; Riemannian submersion; Chen-Ricci inequalityMSC: 53C12 53C40
On Bergman Type Integral Operators in Analytic Spaces in Tubular Domains Over Symmetric Cones 295 - 312
S. Kurilenko and R. Shamoyan  
AbstractKeywords: Tubular domains over symmetric cones; Herz type spaces; Bergman type integral operatorsMSC: 32A07 32A10; 32A07
A Generalization of Hermite-Hadamard's Inequality 313 - 328
Mohammad W. Alomari  
AbstractKeywords: Hermite-Hadamard inequality; Ostrowski inequality; convex functionsMSC: 26A51 26D15

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