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Front Page FilomatPublisher: Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, NišISSN: 0354-5180Issue: 6_1Date: 1992Journal Homepage

Subdivision of Berstein--Bezier operators using multiaffine maps 13 - 18
Ljubiša M. Kocić and Nenad V. Blagojević  
AbstractMSC: 41A36; 41A63
On level sets of Bernstein--Bézier operators 19 - 25
Ljubiša M Kocić and Dušan M. Milošević  
AbstractMSC: 41A36; 65D15
Cosine operator function class V 27 - 30
Momčilo Mandić  
On a theorem of Gonchar and Rahmanov 31 - 37
Dojčin Petković  
On the essential spectrum 39 - 48
Vladimir Rakočević  
Fuzzy random variable 49 - 54
Mila Stojaković  
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