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Topology versus sequential convergence 1 - 12
Roman Frič  
AbstractKeywords: sequential convergence; sequential continuity; extension of sequentially continuous functions; epireflections; sequential envelope; field of sets; foundation of probability; N-compactness; s-perfectness; measurable map; induced homomorphism; dualityMSC: 54A20; 54H99 60A99; 06E15
The Bolzano--Weierstrass theorem and set-theory 21 - 29
Marion Scheepers  
AbstractKeywords: Ramsey's theorem; Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem; splitting family; cardinal numberMSC: 03E99
A survey on non-Archimedean immersions 31 - 51
Nicolae Boja  
AbstractMSC: 46C50; 51-02; 57R42
Subordination properties for a class of analytic integral operators 53 - 61
Teodor Bulboacă  
AbstractKeywords: integral operator; univalent function; differential subordination; alpha-convex function; starlike function; convex functionMSC: 30C80 30E20; 30C45
The sequence of exponents of Karamata's convergence 63 - 66
Dragan Ž. Djurčić and Mališa R. Žižović  
AbstractKeywords: the sequence of exponents of convergence; Karamata's theory; regularly varying sequence; index functionMSC: 26A12
Finite difference schemes on nonuniform meshes for a parabolic problem with weak solution 67 - 77
Boško S. Jovanović  
AbstractKeywords: finite differences; nonuniform mesh; weak solution; Sobolev spacesMSC: 65M15
The Vecua-Bernoulli and Vecua-Riccati equations 79 - 86
Miloje Rajović and Dragan Dimitrovski  
AbstractMSC: 34A20; 30D05
Measures of noncompactness and some applications 87 - 120
Vladimir Rakočević  
AbstractMSC: 47A55; 47A53; 47H09; 47H10

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