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Convergence with respect to ultrafilters: A survey 1 - 32
S. García-Ferreira and Lj. Kočinac  
AbstractMSC: 54A20; 54A25; 54C05; 54D20; 54D55
Product of Turán quadratures for sphere, cone, cylinder and torus 33 - 48
Miodrag M. Spalević  
AbstractKeywords: ``product'' cubatures; Turan quadratures; formulas of the type; a polynomial of degreeMSC: 03F65; 13A99
Complete scheme of one-, two- and three-dimensional Miheev homology groups 49 - 62
A. F. Palistrant, P. A. Zabolotnyi and A. A. Zadorozhnyi  
AbstractMSC: 20H15
By absolutely elementary biordered languages 73 - 86
Yu Bingjun  
AbstractMSC: 20M05; 68Q45
Power semigroups that are Archimedean - II 87 - 92
Stojan Bogdanović and Miroslav Ćirić  
AbstractMSC: 20M10
Characterizations of some kinds of regular semigroups by inverses of elements 99 - 105
M. K. Sen, H. X. Yang and Y. Q. Guo  
AbstractMSC: 20M17
The natural partial order on the Abel-Grassmann's groupoids 107 - 116
Milan Božinović, Petar V. Protić and Nebojša Stevanović  
AbstractMSC: 20N02
Starlikeness of a certain class of univalent functions 117 - 122
M. Obradović, S. Moldoveanu and S. S. Pascu  
AbstractMSC: 30C45
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