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Front Page FilomatPublisher: Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, NišISSN: 0354-5180Issue: 9_3Date: 1995Journal Homepage

Theory of greatest decompositions of semigroups (A survey) 385 - 426
Miroslav Ćirić and Stojan Bogdanović  
Word problems for varieties of algebras (A survey) 427 - 448
Siniša Crvenković  
The second largest eigenvalue of a graph (A survey) 449 - 472
Dragoš Cvetković and Slobodan Simić  
Some nonstandard types of orthogonality (A survey) 517 - 542
Gradimir V. Milovanović  
On some 4- and 5-designs on $\leq49$ points 579 - 590
Dragan M. Acketa and Vojislav Mudrinski  
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