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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 70 (84)Date: 2001Journal Homepage

On Semigroups Defined by the Identity xxy = y 1 - 8
Smile Markovski, Ana Sokolova and Lidija Goracinova Ilieva  
AbstractKeywords: semigroup, identity, free object, variety, word problemMSC: 20M05 20M10Zbl: 1036.20051
A Structural Formula of the Weinstein Functions Used in his Proof of the Milin, Robertson and Bieberbach Conjectures 9 - 18
Pavel G. Todorov  
AbstractKeywords: univalent functions, Loewner differential equation, de Branges proof, Weinstein proofMSC: 30C50 30C75Zbl: 1029.30011
A Solution of an old Problem of Karamata 19 - 25
Slavko Simić  
AbstractMSC: 41A45Zbl: 1034.41018
Orthogonal Polynomials and Regularly Varying Sequences 26 - 36
Slavko Simić  
AbstractMSC: 42C05 26A12Zbl: 1034.42025
Spectral Radius and Spectrum of the Compression of a Slant Toeplitz Operator} 37 - 41
Taddesse Zegeye and S.C. Arora  
AbstractKeywords: Toeplitz operator, slant Toeplitz operator, compression, spectrumMSC: 47B35 47A10Zbl: 1029.47015
A Classification of 2-type Curves in the Minkowski Space E1n 42 - 58
Emilija Šućurović  
AbstractKeywords: Minkowski space, causal character, Laplace operator, submanifolds of finite typeMSC: 53C50 53C40Zbl: 1058.53017
On Stochastic Orders 59 - 62
Tamás F. Móri  
AbstractMSC: 60E15Zbl: 1034.60018
Estimating of Parameters: Nuar(1) Process 63 - 68
Miroslav M. Ristić and Biljana Č. Popović  
AbstractKeywords: conditional least squares estimation, uniform autoregressive process, asymptotic normality, strong consistencyMSC: 62M10Zbl: 1034.62087
On the Convergence of Finite-difference Scheme for one Nonlocal Elliptic Boundary Value Problem 69 - 78
Givi Berikelashvili  
AbstractKeywords: difference schemes, nonlocal boundary value problem, elliptic equation, weighted spaces, convergence rateMSC: 65N06Zbl: 1032.65118
Remainder Term in Chakalov-Popoviciu Quadratures of Radau and Lobatto Type and Influence Function 79 - 93
Miodrag M. Spalević  
AbstractKeywords: s-orthogonality, sigma-orthogonality, multiple nodes, influence function, remainder term, error estimateMSC: 65D30 65D32Zbl: 1037.65034

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