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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 62 (76)Date: 1997Journal Homepage

Algebraic Structure Count of Some Cyclic Hexagonal-square Chains 1 - 12
Olga Bodroža-Pantić  
AbstractMSC: 05C70 05B50Zbl: 0942.05053
On Mellin-barnes Type of Integrals and Sumsassociated With the Riemann Zeta-function} 13 - 25
Masanori Katsurada  
AbstractKeywords: Riemann zeta-function, Hurwitz zeta-function, Mellin-Barnes integral, hypergeometric functionMSC: 11M06 11M41Zbl: 0885.11052
On Moore-Penrose Inverse of Block Matrices and Full-rank Factorization 26 - 40
Gradimir V. Milovanović and Predrag Stanimirović  
AbstractMSC: 15A09 15A24Zbl: 0949.15010
Bands of Nil-extensions of Right Simple Semigroups 41 - 45
Petar V. Protić  
AbstractMSC: 20M10 06F05Zbl: 0947.20045
A Proof of an Aljančić Hypothesis on O-regularly Varying Sequences 46 - 52
Dragan Đurčić and Vladimir Božin  
AbstractMSC: 26A12Zbl: 0946.26002
On Polynomials Associated With Humbert's Polynomials 53 - 62
M.A. Pathan and M.A. Khan  
AbstractKeywords: Humbert's polynomials, Gegenbauer polynomials, Horadam polynomials, Kinney polynomials, Pincherle polynomials and Horadam-Pethe polynomials.MSC: 33C35Zbl: 0992.33005
Additive f-bimorphisms and Cosine Type Equations 63 - 68
C.-S. Lin and Y.J. Cho  
AbstractMSC: 39B70 39B50Zbl: 0994.39019
Stability and Asymptotic Behavior for Certain Systems of Delay Difference Equations 69 - 75
J. Morchało  
AbstractKeywords: delay difference equations, uniformly stableMSC: 39A10 39A11Zbl: 0887.34064
Asymptotic Behavior of Singular Values of Certain Integral Operators 83 - 98
Milutin Dostanić and Darko Milinković  
AbstractMSC: 47B10Zbl: 0887.45002
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