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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 60 (74)Date: 1996Journal Homepage

A Logic With Higher Order Probabilities 1 - 4
Zoran Ognjanović and Miodrag Rašković  
AbstractMSC: 03B80 67T27Zbl: 0884.03019
A Generalization of Functions !n and n! 5 - 14
Zoran Šami  
AbstractMSC: 11A05Zbl: 0884.11014
Une Condition Finitude Pour les Semi-groupes 27 - 30
Cornelia Gutan  
AbstractKeywords: monoide libre, ordre lexicolonguiqueMSC: 20M99Zbl: 0886.20037
Estimates for Derivatives and Integrals of Eigenfunctions and Associated Functions of Nonselfadjoint Sturm-Liouville Operator With Discontinuous Coefficients (II) 31 - 44
Nebojša L. Lažetić  
AbstractKeywords: formal differential operator, eigenfunction, associated functionMSC: 34B25Zbl: 0930.34062
m-families and Common Transversals 75 - 80
Mircea Balaj  
AbstractMSC: 52A07Zbl: 0890.52003
On Cesaro Means in Hardy Spaces 81 - 87
Miroslav Pavlović  
AbstractKeywords: Cesáro means, Hardy spaces, convolutionMSC: 30D55Zbl: 0884.30028
Generalized Connections on T(t2m) 88 - 100
Irena Čomić  
AbstractKeywords: Second order connection, Torsion tensorMSC: 53B25 53B40Zbl: 0885.53022
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