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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 13 (27)Date: 1972Journal Homepage

The Number Of Antichains Of Finite Power Sets 5 - 9
Dragoš M. Cvetković  
The Converse To An Ascoli's Type Theorem 17 - 21
M. M. Drešević  
On The Reconstruction Of Countable Forests 39 - 42
F. Harary, A. J. Schwenk and R. L. Scott  
Some Inequalities For Special Functions 51 - 54
Jovan D. Kečkić and Miomir S. Stanković  
On The Functional Equation f = fg 59 - 63
Ž. Mijajlović  
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