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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 45_2Date: 2015Journal Homepage

D-Homothetic deformation of $LP$-Sasakian manifolds 113 - 123
Krishnendu De  
AbstractKeywords: D-homothetic deformation; $\eta$-Einstein manifold; $\phi$-sectional curvature; locally $\phi$-Ricci symmetryMSC: 53C15; 53C25
On Einstein warped products with a semi-symmetric connection 125 - 130
Dan Dumitru  
AbstractKeywords: Einstein space; multiply warped product; warping function; semi-symmetric connectionMSC: 53C25; 53C50
Canonical connections on para-Kenmotsu manifolds 131 - 142
Adara M. Blaga  
AbstractKeywords: linear connections; para-Kenmotsu structureMSC: 53C21; 53C25; 53C44
Weakly symmetric and weakly-Ricci symmetric $LP$-Sasakian manifolds admitting a quarter-symmetric metric connection 143 - 153
Ajit Barman  
AbstractKeywords: quarter-symmetric metric connection; Levi-Civita connection; LP-Sasakian manifold; weakly symmetric manifold; weakly Ricci-symmetricMSC: 53C15; 53C25
Regular $\Gamma-$incline and field $\Gamma-$semiring 155 - 171
M. Murali Krishna Rao and B. Venkateswarlu  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-semiring; $\Gamma$-incline; regular $\Gamma$-incline; integral $\Gamma$-incline; field $\Gamma$-incline; field $\Gamma$-semiring; simple $\Gamma$-semiringMSC: 06F25; 16A09
Generalized rose surfaces and their visualizations 173 - 185
Sonja Gorjanc and Ema Jurkin  
AbstractKeywords: circular surface; cyclic-harmonic curve; singular point; congruence of circlesMSC: 51N20; 51M15
Initial ideal of binomial edge ideal in degree 2 187 - 199
Sohail Zafar and Zohaib Zahid  
AbstractKeywords: edge ideals; Betti numbers; binomial edge idealMSC: 05E40; 16E30
Distributionally chaotic properties of abstract fractional differential equations 201 - 213
Marko Kostić  
AbstractKeywords: distributional chaos; abstract time-fractional equations; well-posednessMSC: 47A16; 47D03; 47D06; 47D99
Generalized solutions to stochastic systems in Gelfand-Shilov spaces 215 - 227
Irina V. Melnikova and Uliana Alekseeva  
AbstractKeywords: generalized function; $R$-semigroup; Wiener process; Ito integral; multiplier; convolutionMSC: 46F25; 47D06; 34K30; 60H40
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