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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 46_1Date: 2016Journal Homepage

On approximation to functions in the $W(L^{p}, \xi(t))$ class by a new matrix mean 1 - 14
Ug̃ur Deg̃er  
AbstractKeywords: degree of approximation; trigonometric approximation; Fourier series; weighted generalized Lipschitz class; matrix meansMSC: 41A25; 42A05; 42A10; 42A24; 42A50
Stability of pexiderized quadratic functional equation in non-Archimedean fuzzy normed spases 15 - 25
Nasrin Eghbali  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy normed space; non-Archimedean fuzzy normed space; quadratic functional equation; pexiderized quadratic functional equation; stabilityMSC: 46S40; 39B52; 39B82; 26E50; 46S50
Semilattices of nil-extensions of simple left (right) $\pi$-regular ordered semigroups 27 - 34
QingShun Zhu  
AbstractKeywords: simple; left (right) $\pi$-regular; completely $\pi$-regular; nil-extension; complete semilattices; chainMSC: 20M10; 06F05
On focal curves in Euclidean $n$-space $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ 35 - 44
Günay Öztürk and Kadri Arslan  
AbstractKeywords: Frenet curve; Darboux vector; focal curve; normal sectionMSC: 53A04; 53C42
On nearly quasi-Einstein warped products 45 - 51
Buddhadev Pal and Arindam Bhattacharyya  
AbstractKeywords: Einstein manifold; quasi-Einstein manifold; nearly quasi-Einstein manifold; warped product manifoldMSC: 53C25; 53B30; 53C15
Uniqueness of meromorphic solution of a non-linear differential equation 53 - 62
Abhijit Banerjee and Goutam Haldar  
AbstractKeywords: meromorphic function; derivative; small function; differential equation; weighted sharingMSC: 30D35
On $\phi$-symmetric LP-Sasakian manifolds admitting semi-symmetric metric connection 63 - 78
Absos Ali Shaikh and Shyamal Kumar Hui  
AbstractKeywords: locally $\phi$-symmetric manifold; LP-Sasakian manifold; semi-symmetric metric connectionMSC: 53B05; 53C25
Existence and non-existence of positive solutions of four-point BVPs for second order ordinary differential equations on whole line 79 - 103
Yuji Liu and Xiaohui Yang  
AbstractKeywords: second order singular differential equation on whole line; four-point boundary value problem; positive solution; fixed point theoremMSC: 34B10; 34B15; 35B10
On $K$-contact Einstein manifolds 105 - 114
U.C. De and Krishanu Mandal  
AbstractKeywords: K-contact manifold; Einstein manifold; K-contact Einstein manifold; conformal curvature tensor; concircular curvature tensorMSC: 53C15; 54D55
Inextensible flows of partially null and pseudo null curves in semi-Euclidean 4-space with index 2 115 - 129
Ali Uçum, Hatice Altin Erdem and Kazım İlarslan  
AbstractKeywords: inextensible flows; pseudo null curve; partially null curve; semi-Euclidean 4-space with index 2MSC: 53C40; 53C50
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