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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 51_1-2Date: 1999Journal Homepage

Baire's Space of Permutations of n and Rearrangements of Series 1 - 8
Tibor Šalát  
AbstractKeywords: Rearrangements of series, Baire'sspace, set of first category, residual set, $sigma$-porosity, strong porosityMSC: 40A05Zbl: 1007.54032
Some Mean Value Theorems in Terms of an Infinitesimal Function 9 - 13
Branko J. Malešević  
AbstractKeywords: Mean value theorem, infinitesimal functionMSC: 26A24
Asymptotic Linearity of Mean Values 15 - 19
Momčilo Bjelica  
AbstractKeywords: Power mean values, asymptotic linearity.MSC: 26B05
Classification of Maps by Their Membership in Maximal Clones That Contain Minimum and Complement 21 - 28
Rade Doroslovački, Jovanka Pantović and Gradimir Vojvodić  
AbstractKeywords: Multivalued logic, maximal clonesMSC: 03B50
Extreme Values of the Sequences of Independent Random Variables With Mixed Distributions 29 - 37
Pavle Mladenović  
AbstractKeywords: Mixed distributions, extreme value distributions, normal, Cauchy, uniform and truncated exponential distributionsMSC: 60G70
Some Fuzzy SP-topological Properties 39 - 51
Biljana Krsteska  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy topology, fuzzy strongly preopen set, fuzyy SP-irresolute continuous mapping, fuzzy SP-irresolute open (closed) mapping, fuzzy SP-homeomorphismMSC: 54A40Zbl: 0946.54005
Segments of Exponential Series and Regularly Varying Sequences 53 - 59
Slavko Simić  
AbstractKeywords: Segments of exponential series, regularly varying sequenceMSC: 26A12

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