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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 50_3-4Date: 1998Journal Homepage

Continuity of the Essential Spectrum in the Class of Quasihyponormal Operators 71 - 74
Slaviša V. Đorđević  
AbstractKeywords: Weyl spectrum, Browder spectrum, quasihyponormal operator, continuity of the spectrum.MSC: 47A53
On the Compactness in Fuzzy Topological Spaces in Sostak's Sense 75 - 81
Riza Ertürk and Mustafa Demirci  
AbstractKeywords: Smooth closure, smooth interior, fuzzy topological space.MSC: 54A40 54D30Zbl: 1054.54501
Boundary Behavior of Subharmonic Functions on the Unit Disk 83 - 87
Žarko Pavićević and Jela Šušić  
AbstractKeywords: Subharmonic functionMSC: 30E25 30D40 31A05
Julia Points and Strong Analytic Normality 89 - 91
Novo Labudović  
AbstractKeywords: Julia point, strong analytic normalityMSC: 30D45
On Separable Subalgebras of Azumaya Algebras 93 - 97
George Szeto  
AbstractKeywords: Azumaya algebras, Galois extensions, splitting rings, skew group ringsMSC: 16S30 16W20Zbl: 1212.16042
On Nearly Paracompact Spaces and Nearly Full Normality 99 - 104
M. N. Mukherjee and Atasi Debray  
AbstractKeywords: Nearly paracompact spaces, nearly fully normal spaces, nearly normal spaces, almost regular spacesMSC: 54D99Zbl: 1034.54501
An Application for the Chebyshev Polynomials 105 - 110
Đurđe Cvijović and Jacek Klinowski  
AbstractKeywords: Chebyshev pomynolials, polynomials, zeros of polynomialsMSC: 33C45 33C90Zbl: 1036.33007
Fuzzy Strongly Preopen Sets and Fuzzy Strong Precontinuity 111 - 123
Biljana Krsteska  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy topology, fuzzy semiopen set, fuzzy preopen set, fuzzy strongly semiopen set, fuzzy strongly preopen set, fuzyy strong precontinuous mapping, fuzzy strongly preopen mapping, fuzzy strongly preclosed mappingMSC: 54A40Zbl: 1054.54503
On CB-compact, Countably CB-compact and CB-Lindelöf Spaces 125 - 133
Anita Sondore  
AbstractKeywords: CB-compact space, CB-Lindelöf spaceMSC: 54D30 54D20Zbl: 1054.54510
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