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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 51_3-4Date: 1999Journal Homepage

Simultaneous Approximation and Chebyshev Centres in Metric Spaces 61 - 68
T. D. Narang  
AbstractKeywords: Best simultaneous approximation, Chebyshev centres.MSC: 41A28 41A50Zbl: 1010.41012
General Representation of Pseudoinverses 69 - 76
Dragan S. Đorđević and Predrag Stanimirović  
AbstractKeywords: Full-rank factorization, reflexive generalized inverses, Moore-Penrose inverse, Drazin inverse.MSC: 47A05 15A09
A Class of Growth and Bounds of Solutions of a Differential Equation 77 - 80
Julka Knežević-Miljanović  
AbstractMSC: 34C11Zbl: 0960.34026
Convergence of a Finite Difference Method for the Third BVP for Poisson's Equation 81 - 89
Boško Jovanović and Branislav Popović  
AbstractKeywords: Third Boundary Value Problems, Finite Difference Schemes, Sobolev Spaces, Interpolation of Function Spaces, Convergence Rate Estimates.MSC: 65N15 46B70
Relationship Between the Operators of Cauchy and Logarithmic Potential Type 91 - 96
Milutin Dostanić  
AbstractKeywords: Cauchy integral operator, operator of logarithmic potential type, singular values, trace formula.MSC: 47B10 47G10 45C05Zbl: 1100.47507
On Uniform Convergence of Spectral Expansions and Their Derivatives Arising by Self-adjoint Extensions of an One-dimensional Schrödinger Operator 97 - 110
Nebojša L. Lažetić  
AbstractKeywords: Spectral expansion, global uniform convergence, Schrödinger operator.MSC: 34L10Zbl: 1099.34074
Dušan Adnađević: 70th anniversary 117 - 119
Mila Mršević  
AbstractMSC: 01A70 01A60Zbl: 0952.01021

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