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Criteria for Sets of Scores With Prescribed Positions 1 - 4
Momčilo Bjelica and Slobodan Lakić  
AbstractKeywords: tournament; score sequenceMSC: 05C20
From Twists to Involution Bands 7 - 16
Igor Dolinka  
AbstractKeywords: involution semigroup; involution band; regular semigroup; twisting operatorMSC: 20M07; 20M10
Semigroup Cohomology As a Derived Functor 17 - 23
A. A. Kostin and B. V. Novikov  
AbstractKeywords: 0-cohomolgy; 0-free monoid; cohomological dimension; natural systemMSC: 20J; 20M50
Reverse Polish Notation in Constructing the Algorithm for Polygon Triangulation 25 - 33
Predrag V. Krtolica, Predrag S. Stanimirović and Rade Stanojević  
AbstractKeywords: reverse Polish notation; polygon triangulation; formal grammarsMSC: 68Q40
On a modification of the AOR method 35 - 37
Slobodan Lakić and Momčilo Bjelica  
AbstractKeywords: AOR method; AFC methodMSC: 15
A new ordering relation on lattices applied to weak congruences 39 - 46
Vera Lazarević and Andreja Tepavčević  
AbstractKeywords: ordering relations; lattice; congruence extension property; weak congruenceMSC: 06B
Potential surfaces and their graphical representations 47 - 54
Eberhard Malkowsky and Vesna Veličković  
AbstractKeywords: computer graphics; differential geometry; potential surfaces; Mean and Gaussian curvatureMSC: 53A05; 68N05
Determining space parameters in systolic array design 55 - 60
I. Ž. Milovanović, E. I. Milovanović, M. K. Stojčev, T. I. Tokić and N. M. Stojanović  
AbstractKeywords: systolic array; linear transformationsMSC: 68W10
Tree automata and separable sets of input variables 61 - 69
Sl. Shtrakov and Vl. Shtrakov  
AbstractKeywords: tree automata; separable setsMSC: 68Q70; 20M35
Drazin Inverse of One-Variable Polynomial Matrices 71 - 78
Predrag S. Stanimirović and Milan B. Tasić  
AbstractKeywords: polynomial matrix; Leverrier-Faddeev algorithm; characteristic polynomial; generalized inversesMSC: 15A09; 68Q40
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