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Front Page FilomatPublisher: Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, NišISSN: 0354-5180Issue: 16_1Date: 2002Journal Homepage

General Conformal Almost Symplectic N-Linear Connections in the Bundle of Accelerations 7 - 17
Monica Purcaru and Nicoleta Aldea  
AbstractKeywords: 2-osculator bundle; general conformal almost symplectic N-linear connection; conformal almost symplectic d-structureMSC: 53C05
Variations on a Theme of Kaplansky 19 - 30
Robin E. Harte  
Geodesic Mappings Between Kählerian Spaces 43 - 50
Josef Mikeš, Olga Pokorná and Galina Starko  
On some Second Order Cesàro Difference Spaces of Non-Absolute Type 51 - 56
Mikail Et and Eberhard Malkowsky  
AbstractKeywords: sequence spaces; dual spaces; matrix transformationsMSC: 40H05 46A45
Some Sufficient Conditions for the Comparability of Two Differential Operators 57 - 61
Al-Momani Raid, Qassem M. Al-Hassan, Ali Al-Jarrah and Ghanim Momani  

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