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A theorem on subdirect product of semigroups with apartnesses 1 - 8
Daniel Abraham Romano  
AbstractKeywords: semigroup with apartness; coequality relation; cocongruence; strongly extensional subset; consistent subset; subdirect product of semigroupsMSC: 03F55; 20M10
Alpha-spiral functions in an elliptical domain 9 - 12
Nicolae N. Pascu, Dorina Răducanu, Radu N. Pascu and Mihai N. Pascu  
AbstractKeywords: $\alpha$-spiral function; $\alpha$-spiral curve; $\alpha$-spiral domainMSC: 30C99
Preserving property of a Libera type operator 13 - 18
Mugur Acu and Dorin Blezu  
Keywords: integral operator of Libera type; n-uniform starlike functions; n-uniform close to convex functionsMSC: 30C45
New special geodesic mappings of general affine connection spaces 19 - 31
Mića S. Stanković and Svetislav M. Minčić  
AbstractKeywords: geodesic mapping; general affine connection space; $\underset{\theta}{R}$-projective mapping; $\underset{\theta}{R}$-projectively flat spaceMSC: 53B05
On a type of semi-symmetric metric connection on an almost contact metric manifold 33 - 42
U. C. De and Joydeep Sengupta  
AbstractKeywords: semi-symmetric connection; almost contact manifoldMSC: 53B15
A unified fixed point result in metric spaces involving a two variable function 43 - 48
Binayak S. Choudhury and P. N. Dutta  
AbstractKeywords: metric spaces; self-mappings; fixed pointMSC: 54H25
An extension of Kelley's closed relation theorem to relator spaces 49 - 71
Árpád Száz  
AbstractKeywords: generalized uniform spaces; closed and semicontinuous relationMSC: 54C60; 54E15
On upper and lower $M$-continuous multifunctions 73 - 86
Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: m-structure; m-compact; m-connected; M-continuous; multifunctionMSC: 54C08; 54C60
Deducing about the necessity of the parenthesis 87 - 93
Prdrag V. Krtolica and Predrag S. Stanimirović  
AbstractKeywords: reverse Polish notation; grasp of the operator; symbolic computationMSC: 68Q40

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