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Inflations of semigroups and semirings 1 - 9
Stojan Bogdanović  
AbstractMSC: 20M
Base and subbase of $R$-proximity 11 - 16
R. S. Dimitrijević  
AbstractMSC: 54E05
Some classes of connected neighbourhood spaces 17 - 22
R. Dimitrijević and Lj. Kočinac  
AbstractMSC: 54A05; 54D05
A simplification of Bohm formula 23 - 29
Slavik V. Jablan  
AbstractMSC: 20H15
On the generalized Riccati equation 41 - 50
Vlajko Lj. Kocić  
AbstractMSC: 39B70
A topological ordinal invariant 51 - 53
Ljubiša Kočinac  
AbstractMSC: 54A25; 54D55
Some relations between hyperspaces op nearly compact spaces 55 - 59
Dušan Milovančević  
AbstractMSC: 54D30
On construction of one cubature formula for triangle 61 - 67
Gradimir V. Milovanović and Djordje R. Djordjević  
AbstractMSC: 65D32; 41A55
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