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Front Page Publications of Department of AstronomyPublisher: University of Belgrade, BelgradeISSN: 0350-3283Issue: 9Date: 1979

Distributions of the Jacobi Costant and the Kinetic Moment of the Palomar-Leiden Survey asteroids 41 - 48
D. Olević and Dragutin Djurović  
AbstractKeywords: asteorid survery, osculatory elements
Durations of Proximities of Particular Pairs of Quasicomplanar Asteroids 49 - 54
J. Lazović and Mike Kuzmanoski  
AbstractKeywords: quasicomplanar asteroids, perturbations, kinematic duration of proximity
Masses of Some Numbered Minor Planets 55 - 61
J. Lazović  
AbstractKeywords: minor planets, mass
Perturbing Effects of the Asteroid 215 Oenone on the Asteroid 1851 $\equiv$ 1950 VA During Their Proximity 63 - 69
J. Lazović and M. Kuzmanoski  
AbstractKeywords: perturbation, asteroid orbits
Further Note on the Calculus of Perturbations of Asteroid Orbits During Proximity 71 - 74
J. L. Simovljevitch  
AbstractKeywords: perturbations during proximity
Estimate of Perturbation Effects of Asteroid Orbits During Proximity 75 - 78
J. L. Simovljevitch  
AbstractKeywords: estimations, perturbation effects, asteroids

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