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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 38_2Date: 2008Journal Homepage

The polar moment of inertia of the enveloping curve 1 - 4
M. Düldül, S. Yüce and N. Kuruoğlu  
AbstractKeywords: homothetic motion; polar moment of inertia; enveloping curveMSC: 53A17; 53A04
On almost nearly continuity with reference to multifunctions in bitopological spaces 5 - 14
Andrzej Rychlewicz  
AbstractKeywords: nearly continuous multifunction; nearly quasicontinuous multifunction; nearly compact space; N-closed set; multifunction; bitopological spaceMSC: 54A10; 54C08; 54C60
Extension of nonadditive measures on locally complete $\sigma$-continuous lattices 15 - 23
Mona Khare and Soni Gupta  
AbstractKeywords: measure; locally complete; $\sigma$-continuous; $\sigma$-complete; absolute continuity; $M_\sigma$-approachabilityMSC: 28A12; 28C15; 28B10
Antieigenvectors of the generalized eigenvalue problem and an operator inequality complementary to Schwarz's inequality 25 - 31
Kallol Paul  
AbstractKeywords: antieigenvalue; generalized eigenvalue problem; operator inequalityMSC: 47A63;47A75
The hyperbolic Carnot theorem in the Poincaré disc model of hyperbolic geometry 33 - 39
Oğuzhan Demirel and Emine Soytürk  
AbstractKeywords: hyperbolic geometry; Poincare disc model; hyperbolic Pythgorean theorem; gyrogroupsMSC: 51M10; 30F45; 20N99
Regularity of multisubmeasures with respect to the Wijsman topology 41 - 46
Alina Cristiana Gavrilut  
AbstractKeywords: multisubmeasure; Hausdorff topology; Vietoris topology; Wijsman topology; regularityMSC: 28C15; 49J53
Weakly $\lambda$-continuous functions 47 - 56
E. Ekici, S. Jafari, M. Caldas and T. Noiri  
AbstractKeywords: $\lambda$-open sets; $\lambda$-closed sets; weak continuity; weakly $\lambda$-continuous functionsMSC: 54C10; 54D10
A mean value theorem for internal functions and an estimation for the differential mean point 57 - 64
Ricardo Almeida  
AbstractKeywords: nonstandard analysis; mean value theorem; estimation for the differential mean pointMSC: 26E35; 26B05; 46T20
Connectedness in ideal topological spaces 65 - 70
Erdal Ekici and Takashi Noiri  
AbstractKeywords: $\star$-connected ideal topological spaces; $\star$-separated sets; $\star_s$-connected sets; $\star$-connected sets; ideal topological spaces.MSC: 54A10; 54A05; 54A20
Elliptic curves, conics and cubic congruences associated with indefinite binary quadratic forms 71 - 81
Ahmet Tekcan, Arzu Özkoç, Betül Gezer and Osman Bizim  
AbstractKeywords: binary quadratic forms; cubic congruences; elliptic curves; conicsMSC: 11E04; 11E12; 11E16; 11D25; 11D79
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