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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 38_2Date: 2008Journal Homepage

A note on uniformly primary submodules 83 - 89
R. Ebrahimi Atani and S. Ebrahimi Atani  
AbstractKeywords: uniformly primary ideals; uniformly primary submodules; multiplication modulesMSC: 13C05; 13C13; 13A15
Geodesic lines in $\widetilde{SL_2(R)}$ and $Sol$ 91 - 104
Valeri Marenitch  
AbstractKeywords: Left invariant metric; $SL_2(R)$ and Sol-structuresMSC: 53C20
On $4n$-dimensional lie groups as quasi-Kähler manifolds with Killing Norden metric 105 - 113
Dimitar Mekerov and Mancho Manev  
AbstractKeywords: almost complex manifold; Norden metric; quasi-Kähler manifold; indefinite metric; non-integrable almost complex structure; Lie group; Killing metricMSC: 53C15; 53C50 32Q60; 53C55
On nearly quasi Einstein manifolds 115 - 121
Uday Chand De and Abul Kalam Gazi  
AbstractKeywords: quasi Einstein manifolds; cyclic Ricci tensor; Ricci recurrentMSC: 53C25
Module for online assessment in AHyCo learning management system 123 - 139
Ivica Botički, Ivan Budišćak and Nataša Hoić-Božić  
AbstractKeywords: technology supported assessment; learning management system AHyCo; e-learningMSC: 68N01
A remark on regular Sturm-Liouville system 141 - 143
M. Budinčević and V. Marić  
AbstractKeywords: regular Sturm-Liouville system; oscillation theoremMSC: 34B24
A common fixed-point theorem in 2 non-Archimedean menger pm-space for r-weakly commuting maps of type (P) 145 - 152
M. Alamgir Khan and Sumitra  
AbstractKeywords: 2 N.A. Menger PM-space; R-weakly commuting maps of type (P) and Fixed pointsMSC: 47H10; 54H25
Multifunctional environment for e-learning purposes 153 - 170
Mirjana Ivanović, Ivan Pribela, Boban Vesin and Zoran Budimac  
AbstractKeywords: e-learning; educational systems; integrated learning environmentMSC: 97U50; 97P40; 97Q70
The subspaces of Hamilton spaces of higher order 171 - 194
Irena Čomić  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Hamilton spaces; subspaces of generalized Hamilton spaces; adapted bases; special adapted basesMSC: 53B40; 53C60
A method for obtaining third-order iterative formulas 195 - 207
Djordje Herceg and Dragoslav Herceg  
AbstractKeywords: nnlinear equations; Newton's method; third-order method; iterative methodsMSC: 47A63;47A75
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