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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 20_1Date: 1990Journal Homepage

A note on iterative process for solving linear systems of equations 1 - 9
Dragoslav Herceg  
AbstractKeywords: linear system; iterative method; extrapolationMSC: 65F10
On an iterative method for a system of equations 11 - 15
Dragoslav Herceg and Ljiljana Cvetković  
AbstractKeywords: linear system; iterative method; relaxation methodMSC: 65F10
A family of exponential spline difference schemes 17 - 26
Katarina Surla, Dragoslav Herceg and Ljiljana Cvetković  
AbstractKeywords: singular perturbation; small parameter; uniform convergence; spline in tension; difference schemeMSC: 65L10
An acceleration procedure of the whittaker method by means of convexity 27 - 38
Miguel A. Hernández Verón  
AbstractKeywords: nonlinear equations; iterative method; convexityMSC: 65H05
An algorithm for the generation of the matroid associated to a given matrix 39 - 51
Dragan M. Acketa and Ladislav Novak  
AbstractKeywords: matroids; matrix representations; matroid invariants; matroid recognition; catalogue of matroidsMSC: 05B35
Dihedral $n$-quasigroups 53 - 61
Zoran Stojaković  
AbstractKeywords: n-quasigroup; n-group; parastrophy; autotopism; regular permutationMSC: 20N15
On the $k$-th prime factor of an integer 63 - 73
Aleksandar Ivić  
AbstractKeywords: k-th largest prime factor of an integer; asymptotic formulas for summatory functionsMSC: 10H15; 10H25
Distance preserving maps on abelian lattice ordered groups 75 - 82
Endre Pap  
AbstractKeywords: Abelian lattice ordered group; isometry; Archimedean orderMSC: 46A06; 06F20
Conformal diffeomorphism between two $f$–manifolds 83 - 87
Jovanka Nikić  
AbstractKeywords: f-manifolds; conformal diffeomorphism; Nijenhuis tensorMSC: 53C10; 53C15; 53C40; 51H20
A common fixed point theorem for a family of mappings in convex metric spaces 89 - 95
Olga Hadžić  
AbstractKeywords: common fixed points; convex metric spacesMSC: 47H10
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