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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 19_2Date: 1989Journal Homepage

$p(3,-1)$–Finsler structures and their lifts 1 - 20
Atanasiu Gheorghe and Francisc C. Klepp  
AbstractKeywords: $p(3;-1)$-Finsler connections; horizontal and vertical distribution of T(TM)MSC: 53B40
Some theorems on conformally quasi-recurrent manifolds 21 - 31
Mileva Prvanović  
AbstractKeywords: conformal change of Riemannlan metric; conformal curvature tensor; conformally symmetric spaceMSC: 53B20; 53B21
A note about a covariant derivative of a harmonic vector field in a Riemannian manifold 33 - 40
Nevena Pušić  
AbstractKeywords: conformal transformations; harmonic vector field; concircularlty condition; conformal curvature tensor conclrcular curvature tensorMSC: 70G05
On the existence of a self-recurrent SW-On 41 - 52
Nevena Pušić  
AbstractKeywords: regular general connection; curvature tensor; adjoint Riemannian space. isotropic vector; adjoint pseudo-Riemannlan space; indefinite metricsMSC: 53B15
Counting generation and recognition of $S$-sequences 53 - 60
Ratko Tošić and Ivica Bošnjak  
AbstractKeywords: S-word; Catalan numbersMSC: 05A15
On unavoidable subgraphs of strong tournaments 61 - 66
Vojislav Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: tournament; unavoidable subgraphMSC: 05C20
The fuzzy of algebras 67 - 74
Branimir Šešelja  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy sets; latticesMSC: 03E72; 06C15
CEP and homomorphic images of algebras 75 - 80
Branimir Šešelja and Gradimir Vojvodić  
AbstractKeywords: CEP; weak congruencesMSC: 08B10
Generalized pseudo-Boolean functional equations of the third order 81 - 91
Kariolan Gilezan and Miloš Udicki  
AbstractKeywords: pseudo-Boolean functions; partial derivatives of pseudo Boolean functions; functional equations of pseudo-Boolean functionsMSC: 47A60
On a class of bisemilattices 93 - 104
Janez Ušan and Andreja Tepavčević  
AbstractKeywords: bisemilattices; near-latticesMSC: 20N99
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