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Color-symmetry groups of bands 1 - 40
Slavik V. Jablan  
AbstractMSC: 20H15
Limiting groups of multidimensional plane-point groups 41 - 55
Aleksandr F. Palistrant and Slavik V. Jablan  
AbstractMSC: 20H15
Generalized algebraic complement and Moore-Penrose inverse 57 - 64
P. Stanimirović and M. Stanković  
AbstractMSC: 15A09; 15A60; 65F35
Pure icons in iconic system 65 - 70
T. Kitić  
AbstractMSC: 68U10
On Urysohn, almost regular and semiregular functions 71 - 80
F. Cammaroto and G. Nordo  
AbstractMSC: 54A25; 54B25; 54010
The Bolzano property 81 - 97
Wladislaw Kulpa  
AbstractKeywords: the Brouwer fixed point theorem; the limit of inverse sequence of cubes; the fixed point property of products of pseudoarcs; dimension
On Alexander--Noshiro--Warschawski theorem 99 - 101
N. N. Pascau, M. Obradović and I. Radomir  
AbstractMSC: 30C45
Djuro R. Kurepa (1907-1993) 115 - 127
Ljubiša D. Kočinac  

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