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On a canonic almost geodesic mappings of the second type of affine spaces 105 - 114
Mića S. Stanković  
AbstractKeywords: almost geodesic mappings; affine space; canonic almost geodesic mappingsMSC: 53B05
Fuzzy $b$-open sets and fuzzy $b$-separation axioms 115 - 128
Biljana Krsteska  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy topology; fuzzy b-open set; fuzzy b-continuous mapping; fuzzy weakly b-continuous mapping; fuzzy $b$-$T_i$ axiomsMSC: 54A40
Star-Menger and related spaces 129 - 140
Ljubiša D. Kočinac  
AbstractMSC: 54D20; 54C10
Maximum likelihood estimation for the FAREX(l) model 149 - 155
Biljana Č. Popović and Miroslav M. Ristić  
AbstractKeywords: autoregressive process; maximum likelihood estimation; FAREX(l) modelMSC: 62M10
On some properties of reverse Polish notation 157 - 172
Predrag V. Krtolica and Predrag S. Stanimirović  
AbstractKeywords: reverse Polish notation; grasp of the operatorMSC: 68Q40
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