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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 105 (119)Date: 2019Journal Homepage

Approximation With Certain Post--Widder Operators 131 - 136
Vijay Gupta and Prerna Maheshwari  
AbstractKeywords: Post--Widder operators; exponential functions; moment generating function; quantitative resultsMSC: 41A25; 41A30DOI:
A New Study on Generalized Quasi Power Increasing Sequences 137 - 143
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan  
AbstractKeywords: Riesz mean; summability factor; absolute matrix summability; almost increasing sequences; quasi power increasing sequences; infinite series; Hölder inequality; Minkowski inequalityMSC: 40F05 26D15; 40D15; 40G99DOI:
On $I$-Statistically Rough Convergence 145 - 150
Ekrem Savas, Shyamal Debnath and Debjani Rakshit  
AbstractKeywords: $I$-statistical convergence; rough convergence; convex setMSC: 40A35 40A05DOI:
Irreducibility Criterion and 2-Pisot Series in Positive Character 151 - 159
Mabrouk Ben Ammar and Hassen Kthiri  
AbstractKeywords: irreducible polynomials; finite field; Laurent series; 2-Pisot seriesMSC: 11R04; 11R06; 11R09DOI:
Some Results in Types of Extensions of $MV$-Algebras 161 - 177
F. Forouzesh, F. Sajadian and M. Bedrood  
AbstractKeywords: zero-divisor; extension; contraction; inverse topologyMSC: 03B50; 03G25; 06D35DOI:
Absolute $|C,1|_k$ Summability Factor of Improper Integrals 179 - 184
Smita Sonker and Alka Munjal  
AbstractKeywords: absolute summability; Cesáro summability; improper integrals; inequalities for integralsMSC: 40F05 35A23; 40D15DOI:
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