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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 37_2Date: 2007Journal Homepage

Some significant results of Janez Ušan 1 - 10
Aleksandar Krapež  
AbstractKeywords: n-group; n-quasigroup; infinitary quasigroup; functional equation; generalized associativity; Hosszu-Gluskin algebra; congruence; ordered n-group; topological n-groupMSC: 01A65; 20N15; 20N05
A remark on growth relation 11 - 12
Roman Witula and Damian Słota  
AbstractKeywords: growth relation; sequences of positive integersMSC: 06A06; 06A07
A generalization of the Pseudo-Laplace transform 13 - 23
Nebojša M. Ralević  
AbstractKeywords: generalized pseudo-character; pseudo-convolution; pseudo-integral; pseudo integrals transform; Pseudo-Laplace transform; pseudo-operation; semiring; utility functionMSC: 28A15; 28A25; 26B40
Unsteady flow of a dusty fluid between two oscillating plates under varying constant pressure gradient 25 - 34
S. Rashmi, V. Kavitha, B. Saba Roohi, Gurumurthy, B. J. Gireesha and C. S. Bagewadi  
AbstractKeywords: Frenet frame field system; oscillating plates; laminar flow; dusty fluid; velocity of dust phase and fluid phaseMSC: 76T10; 76T15
Some results on 2-inner product spaces 35 - 40
H. Mazaheri and R. Kazemi  
AbstractKeywords: b-orthogonality; 2-normed spaces; 2-inner product; b-proximinal subspaces; b-best approximationMSC: 41A65; 41A15
Asymptotic Numerical Method for singularly perturbed third order ordinary differential equations with a discontinuous source term 41 - 57
T. Valanarasu and N. Ramanujam  
AbstractKeywords: singularly perturbed problem; discontinuous source term; third order differential equation; asymptotic expansion approximation; finite difference scheme; self-adjoint; boundary value problem
Implementation of an XML-based system for content generation and library catalogue cards display 59 - 72
Jovana Vidaković and Miloš Racković  
AbstractKeywords: XML; XML schema language; catalogue cards; displayMSC: 68P15; 68P05
An overview of the applications of multisets 73 - 92
D. Singh, A. M. Ibrahim, T. Yohanna and J. N. Singh  
AbstractKeywords: multisets; power multisets; dressed epsilon symbol; multiset ordering; Dershowtiz-Mana orderingMSC: 03B65; 03B70; 03B80; 68T50; 91F20
Hilbert Space Valued Generalized Random Processes - Part II 93 - 108
Dora Seleši  
AbstractKeywords: generalized random process; Wick product; stochastic differential equationMSC: 60G20; 60H40; 60H15; 46N30; 46F10; 35C10
A note on decomposition of the distribution on $BMO$ space 109 - 122
Sadek Gala and Amina Lahmar-Benbernou  
AbstractKeywords: Sobolev spaces; distribution; projectionMSC: 42B20; 42B35
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