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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 16_2Date: 1986Journal Homepage

On random best approximations 1 - 8
Olga Hadžić  
AbstractKeywords: random best approximations; random fixed pointsMSC: 60H25
Zero-continuous functions on $K$-, $N$-, and complete spaces 9 - 15
AbstractKeywords: K-convergence; N-convergence; zero-continuous function; (super-) summable continuous functionMSC: 54D55
A note some applications of Bellman's results on almost orthogonal sequences 17 - 23
Endre Pap  
AbstractKeywords: almost orthogonal sequences
Über Zufällige fixpunkte bei stetigen Zufälligen operatoren in metrischen 25 - 39
S. Hahn  
AbstractKeywords: Zufällige Operatoren; zufällige Fixpunkte; meßbare Räume; meßbare (mengenwertige) Abbildungen; ttomotopie von kompakten AbbildungenMSC: 47H10
The quasiasymptotic of distributions and the distributional stieltjes transformation 41 - 52
Danica Nikolić-Despotović and Stevan Pilipović  
AbstractKeywords: the space of tempered distributions; the quasiasym-ptotia at $\pm\infty$; the distributional Stieltjes transformationMSC: 44A15; 46F12
Perturbations of a linear difference equation 53 - 62
Mirko Budinčević  
AbstractKeywords: linear difference equation; $l^p$-perturba-tionMSC: 39A11
A common fixed point theorem in uniformizable spaces 63 - 73
Ljiljana Gajić  
AbstractKeywords: common fixed point; uniformizable spacesMSC: 47H10
A note mappings and paracompactness 75 - 88
Ilija Kovačević  
AbstractKeywords: paracompact; $\alpha$-paracompact; $\alpha$-regular; $\alpha$-Hausdorff; almost closed; continuous mappingsMSC: 54C10; 54C15; 54D15;54D18
A pair of commuting mappings with a common fixed point 89 - 99
Brian Fisher and Salvatore Sessa  
AbstractKeywords: common fixed point; complete metric space; quasi-contractionMSC: 47H10 54H25
On a generalization of a Cramer theorem 101 - 106
Slobodanka Mitrović  
AbstractKeywords: multiplicity of a stochastic procesMSC: 60G07 60G12
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