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On generalisation of H-measures 5027 - 5044
Marko Erceg and Ivan Ivec  
AbstractKeywords: H-measures; localisation principle; fractional derivativesMSC: 35R11; 35S05; 46G10DOI:
On topological complete hypergroups 5045 - 5056
Manoranjan Singha, Kousik Das and Bijan Davvaz  
AbstractKeywords: Complete part; regular hypergroup; complete hypergroup; topological complete hypergroup; topological regular hypergroupMSC: 20N20; 22A30DOI:
Symmetric difference between pseudo B-Fredholm spectrum and spectra originated from Fredholm theory 5057 - 5064
Abdelaziz Tajmouati, Mohamed Amouch and Mohammed Karmouni  
AbstractKeywords: Fredholm operators; pseudo Fredholm operators; pseudo B-Fredholm operator; pseudo B-Weyl spectrum.MSC: 47A53; 47B10DOI:
Warped product bi-slant submanifolds of cosymplectic manifolds 5065 - 5071
Lamia Saeed Alqahtani, Mića S Stanković and Siraj Uddin  
AbstractKeywords: Warped products; bi-slant submanifolds; warped product bi-slant submanifolds; pseudo-slant warped product; cosymplectic manifoldsMSC: 53C15; 53C40; 53C42; 53B25DOI:
Completion of locally convex cones 5073 - 5079
Davood Ayaseh and Asghar Ranjbari  
AbstractKeywords: Locally convex cones; completionMSC: 46A03; 46A30DOI:
On submersions of the complex indicatrix 5081 - 5092
Elena Popovici  
AbstractKeywords: complex Finsler space; complex indicatrix; CR-submanifold; extrinsic sphere; submersionMSC: 53B40; 53C60; 53C40; 53B25DOI:
Openness and continuity in locally convex cones 5093 - 5103
Somayyeh Jafarizad and Asghar Ranjbari  
AbstractKeywords: Locally convex cones; nearly open; nearly continuous; open mappingMSC: 46A03; 46A30; 46A08DOI:
A new application of quasi monotone sequences and quasi power increasing sequences to factored infinite series 5105 - 5109
Hüseyin Bor  
AbstractKeywords: Cesàro mean; power increasing sequences; quasi monotone sequences; infinite series; H¨older inequality; Minkowski inequalityMSC: 26D15; 40D15; 40F05; 40G05; 40G99DOI:
Finite dimensional locally convex cones 5111 - 5116
Davood Ayaseh  
AbstractKeywords: Locally convex cones; finite dimensional cones.MSC: 46A03; 46A30DOI:
Shadowing, ergodic shadowing and uniform spaces 5117 - 5124
Seyyed Alireza Ahmadi  
AbstractKeywords: Shadowing; ergodic shadowing; chain transitive map; topologically ergodic map; ergodically sensitive mapMSC: 54H20DOI:
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